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5 Common Types of Car Accidents in RI

In general, a person has a higher chance of being involved in a car accident compared to an airplane disaster. Millions of people each day will enter their motor vehicles, car or trucks and have a possible accident sometime in the following hours. It’s important for drivers to understand some of the most common accidents on the road for their overall safety.

Striking an Inanimate Object

Many Rhode island auto accidents don’t even involve two vehicles. Vehicle and car accidents in Providence can occur with poles, guard rails and even personal property. Almost any damage can happen to a motor vehicle during these strikes, including side, rear and front end issues. Ideally, the driver must be traveling at a slow pace to have minimal damages, such as backing up out of a parking spot. Other drivers have severe damage because of rapid speeds involved with the collision.

Rear-End Collisions

Failing to brake fast enough behind another vehicle or motorycle creates a rear-end collision. Freeway accidents in Rhode Island are the most common since stop-and-go traffic can be deceptive to the human eye. In most cases, one car or automobile will have front-end damage while the other succumbs to rear-end damage.

Sideswipe Crash Connections

When a driver takes a right turn, there might be a vehicle close to that corner. They might come into contact with that vehicle and sideswipe it. Extensive damage along both cars’ sides is usually the result of these accidents. Sideswipes can also occur along freeway guardrails if the driver gets too close to the lane’s edges.

T-Bone Accidents

Some of the most damaging accidents occur when one car collides head on into the side of another vehicle. This T-bone broadside damage can be extensive and usually results in injuries for the drivers and passengers. Street intersections are the locations where these crashes occur the most often, for example.

Animal Strike

Many drivers in Rhode Island live in rural areas where deer, squirrels and other wildlife can actively cross the road at random times of the day. Although drivers might brake for these animals, they can still be struck and killed. Depending on the animal, the strike point on the car can create a lot of damage that must be fixed by a body shop.

After any RI car accident, it’s critical to contact local authorities and appropriate insurance companies to file specific claims. Although everyone may appear to be in good health, some injuries take some time to develop. Staying safe on the streets and avoiding accidents in the first place are the best ways to remain healthy while enjoying the open road.