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Accident Attorney in RI: Passenger Injuries in Car Accidents

RI Passenger Injuries in Car AccidentsIf you have suffered serious injuries as a passenger in a Rhode Island motor vehicle accident, or a loved one has died from the incident, you likely have the legal right to file a claim for compensation. In fact, Rhode Island law provides various legal remedies to ensure you receive adequate financial compensation for any major or minor injury you incurred. You have the right to file a claim or suit against the motorist responsible for the RI accident even if you are riding as a passenger.

In many situations, determining fault or responsibility for the Providence accident can be a confusing legal issue. This is why it is beneficial to hire a East providence , Warwick or Cranston Injury attorney to handle the case for compensation. Usually, a Woonsocket, Pawtucket, Cumberland or Tiverton personal injury law firm will provide legal representation on your behalf. This means they will:

• Figure out all relevant factors in the case
• Review police reports
• Obtain and review medical records
• Gather witness statements
• Reconstruct the scene of the accident

All of their efforts will help ensure that every responsible party is held legally accountable for your injuries to provide ample compensation and a sense of justice.

Common Defendants in RI auto accidents

Your car accident lawyer in Rhode Island will attempt to file a claim or lawsuit against all common defendants directly involved in the accident. This could include the driver of the other vehicle, the driver of your vehicle, or any other individual at fault for causing the RI car crash. If there is not adequate insurance coverage to pay for your injuries, your Rhode island personal injury lawyer will also seek recompense from under-insured or uninsured motorist coverage if applicable.

Many passengers are hesitant to file a claim if the driver at fault for the accident is a friend or relative. However, as a passenger in the vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation under their policy, and the policy may handle some of your medical expenses.

Other Defendants

Your RI auto accident attorneys will evaluate the case to determine if there are other defendants legally liable for the accident and your injuries. Other potential defendants in your North Providence, East Greenwich, Johnston or Providence automobile collision case could be the vehicle owners, vehicle manufacturers, roadway maintenance crews, auto parts companies and others.

While you will never receive compensation for more than the value of your case, filing a claim against other defendants can ensure you receive all the funds you deserve. The money you receive should cover various damages including:

• Hospitalization and medical bills
• The costs of rehabilitation and physical therapy
• Recompense for time away from work (missed wages)
• Property damage, including automobile repairs if you own a vehicle in the accident
• Pain and suffering
• Mental anguish and emotional distress

Getting Legal Help in Rhode island and Providence Plantations

If you have suffered serious injuries from a motor vehicle collision as a passenger in the car, you likely have a strong liability claim against every party at fault. Because of that, it is essential to seek legal representation. An experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in vehicle accidents can handle every aspect of your case, including collecting evidence, obtaining statements and investigating the accident scene. A skilled personal injury attorney may still be able to help you obtain compensation if all vehicles are uninsured.

Hiring a RI motor vehicle accident lawyer ensures that your legal rights are fully protected. Allowing the RI injury attorney to handle the case will avoid any delay or denial of the claim and minimize the chances of a lengthy court battle to seek and obtain compensation. It is essential to avoid discussing the incident “for accuracy purposes” to an insurance adjuster or sign any legal paperwork without first discussing the case with your East Providence, Central falls or Woonsocket lawyer. This is because you may be accepting a low-ball settlement for your claim and in exchange, you give up your right to seek further compensation.