Intersection Motor Vehicle Accidents in Rhode Island | Slepkow Law

Many of the nation’s most serious vehicle accidents occur in highly populated suburbs and busy urban areas such as Providence RI. Intersection motor vehicle accidents make up a large percentage of crashes and collisions that injure and kill many individuals every year across the United States and in RI. This is because intersections tend to […]

Drowsy Driving and Sleepy Driving Accident Lawyer | Slepkow Law

Staying alert and aware is the easiest way to stay alive when driving a vehicle across the nation’s and Rhode Island’s highways, roadways and city streets. Statistics maintained by the National Sleep Foundation indicate that more than 160 million Americans say they have felt drowsy when behind the wheel and more than 100 million individuals […]

Breakdown Lane Accident Lawyer | Emergency Lane Crash

Pulling off to the side of the road  in Rhode Island when having car trouble can be a dangerous situation when the roadway  or highway is filled with passing cars and trucks. Most courteous RI  drivers allow the disabled motorist to find a safe place along the road. However, when other  Providence drivers are impaired […]

Stoned Driving Accident Lawyer | Marijuana (pot) high driving accident

This article was authored by a Rhode Island personal injury attorney who helps clients with drunk driving accidents  (DUI / DWI / OUI) and driving while high collisions causing serious personal injury. Societal trends concerning the use and legalization of marijuana have changed dramatically in recent years. As a result the prevalence of marijuana induced […]

Rhode Island Head-On Collision Attorney | Slepkow Law

Accidents involving head-on collisions are the most dangerous crashes in Rhode Island because of the increased impact sustained by both motorists. Two vehicles approaching each other at even a relatively slow speed can cause a life-threatening head-on collision car accident involving serious injuries. Rhode Island Head-On Collision Lawyers Even though head-on collisions account for only […]

Rear-end Accident Lawyer in Rhode Island | Slepkow Law

The most common type of Vehicular collision in Rhode Island causing Injury and property damage is a rear end motor vehicle crash. If a person is injured in a RI Auto accident then they should quickly consult with a Rhode Island auto accident attorney. These types of motor vehicle crashes have literally hundreds of different causes. […]

Failure to Yield the Right of Way | Slepkow Law

If you have suffered injuries in a Rhode Island right of way failure to yield car, truck or motorcycle accident caused by another driver’s failure to yield to your right-of-way, how can you prove they are at fault for your injuries and damages to receive compensation? Many motorists on the nation’s highways, roadways and streets […]

Rhode Island Wrongful Death Lawyer | Fatal Accident Law in RI

Every state has different wrongful death laws related to fatal accidents. RI wrongful death attorney, David Slepkow has answered several pertinent fatal accident frequently asked questions. If you are in need of legal assistance as a result of a deadly truck, motorcycle, premises liability, motor vehicle, medical malpractice or motor vehicle accident then you need […]

Top Compensation for Property Damage

If you been involved in a car accident, you likely have specific questions, including knowing what party will be paying for your injuries and property damage. Getting top compensation for property damage to your car as a result of the Rhode Island automobile wreck can be complex. In fact, receiving the highest level of compensation […]

Hit & Run Car Accident Lawyer in Rhode Island | Slepkow Law (est. 1932)

The Rhode Island state police have reported a rather disturbing incident occurring in Woonsocket RI.  State Police officers stationed at the Scituate Rhode Island barracks arrested a Pawtucket man on a plethora of criminal charges. This man was no novice to the RI criminal justice system. After the chase, the man was also pinched on […]