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Bus Accidents in Rhode Island Cause Serious Injuries and Death

Bus Accidents in Rhode IslandMost bus accidents cause catastrophic injuries to the individuals on board, and other motorists and passengers involved in the collision. Many large metropolitan roadways in Rhode Island (RI) and across New England tend to be increasingly congested, making it challenging for a local transit bus or large commercial bus to transport passengers to their final destination unharmed.

Common types of RI bus accidents

The most common types of bus accidents in RI  involve mass transit, airport shuttles, school buses, light rail, tourist buses, private charters and large limousines. Negligence is any failure on the part of the driver and/or bus company to provide adequate safety to passengers.

Every bus carrying passengers for a fee on U.S. highways, roadways and side streets are recognized as common carriers under federal and state law. Because of that, the bus company and driver owe every passenger a duty of care for safe transport while on board. Unfortunately, every year thousands of individuals suffer serious injury or death when involved in a major or minor bus accident.

Rhode Island Bus Accident Causes

Often times, the bus or driver is at fault for causing minor to major accidents on Rhode Island and America’s roadways. The most common causes of a bus accident in Providence and across the United States include:

• Failing to yield right-of-way to another vehicle, bicyclists or pedestrian
• Poor driving skills
• Excessive speed
• Operator distraction such as text messaging or cell phone use
• Intoxication
• Driver fatigue
• Improperly maintained equipment (maintenance violation)
• Faulty mechanical parts including brake systems and tires
• Defective design
• Obstruction of the line of sight including blocked side mirrors
• Road conditions due to inclement weather or improper road maintenance

Common Bus Accidents in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

The most common types of bus accidents often involve personal injury and, at times, death. The most common accidents with buses involved in civil litigation include:

• A bus rollover
• Improper turning
• Pedestrian-involved bus accident
• Colliding with other vehicles

It is the responsibility of the driver to remain attentive on the roadway and follow established safety guidelines, even when behind schedule.

Filing a Claim or Lawsuit

Anytime a bus crashes into other vehicles or a pedestrian on the highway or roadway, personal injuries and wrongful death are involved. Usually, injuries in a  Rhode Island bus accident might include head trauma, internal organ damage, broken bones and extensive lacerations. Bus companies commonly carry extensive insurance policies to compensate victims involved in an accident.

Hiring a  Rhode Island personal injury lawyer that specializes in bus accidents is often necessary to obtain adequate financial recompense from all responsible parties. A skilled  Providence Bus accident attorney can determine liability and hold every party at fault accountable for their negligence. However, it is essential to hire a RI bus accident lawyer as quickly as possible to preserve evidence.

Typically, a skilled  RI bus accident lawyer that specializes in bus accidents will contact officials, speak to witnesses and hire private investigators to ensure a successful outcome to the case. In many incidences, these types of school bus or RIPTA accidents involve government agencies.

Rhode Island Personal injury lawyers and Rhode Island Bus accident attorneys that specialize in commercial vehicle accidents can file a claim on behalf of the victim to obtain financial recompense. To avoid losing the right to file a suit or claim against any bus company or government agency, documents must be submitted to the courts before the time limit expires on the state’s Statute of Limitations, as defined by law.