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RI Car Accident Attorney

RI car accident lawyerA RI Car Accident Attorney is keenly aware that Automobile collisions are the highest percent of all negligence claims in Rhode Island which result in injury or property damage. However, personal injury in RI is certainly not limited to your garden variety rear end car accident.

A RI car accident lawyer, David Slepkow

If you were hurt in a motor vehicle crash in RI, please get in touch with East Providence and RI Car Accident Attorney David Slepkow 401-437-1100. There are hundreds of different types of mishaps that may befall motorists on a day to day basis in the Ocean State.

There are some cases in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in which a person violates an ordinance or law causing a motor vehicle wreck. Some collisions result from a motorist operating a motor vehicle carelessly / negligently and not using due care

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Whether a RI Car Crash resulted from criminal behavior such as drunk driving / reckless driving or negligence such as failure to exercise due care by failing to stop in time resulting in a rear end accident, the victim is entitled to just compensation for their injuries and pain and suffering. It is imperative that a victim of negligence whether it is a motorcycle accident, bicycle accident or car accident obtain a good Rhode Island Personal injury attorney.

A RI Car Accident Lawyer will help you get compensation for your medical bills, hospital bills, physical therapy, mri, chiropractic care and massage therapy as well as lost wages and pain and suffering.

Fatal Crash in RI | RI Car Accident Attorney

A motor vehicle crash can also turn into a tragedy if someone is killed in the collision. A deadly car accident in Rhode Island may lead to wrongful death litigation if the disaster was caused by the failure to exercise due care or reckless conduct such as drunk driving, speeding, drowsy driving or texting and driving. In the event that a loved one or spouse died in a motor vehicle accident, it is important that you immediately contact a RI Wrongful Death Attorney.

A Providence Personal Injury Lawyer who has never handled a fatal accident claim in RI would not have the experience to properly represent you in a complicated RI wrongful death cause of action.

Pursuant to statutes, a death claim may not be pursued directly by a spouse, parent or beneficiary of the estate of the deceased. A wrongful death lawsuit in Providence Superior court or the surrounding counties (Kent / Newport/ Washington) must be pursued by the executor of the estate of the deceased. However, the settlement of judgment resulting is not an asset of that RI estate.

Resulting Car Accident Injuries | RI Car Accident Attorney

A SUV or automobile accident with another car, truck or motorcycle can cause hundreds of different types of injuries ranging from the standard whiplash injury to traumatic head injury. Injuries may include herniated disk, paralysis, brain injury, spinal cord injuries, broken arms or legs, scarring, etc.

The best Rhode Island personal injury attorneys will battle the insurance company until they get you a top dollar settlement to compensate you for your injuries and pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, there are dozens of hit and run accidents in Rhode Island. Many of these hit and runs are drunk drivers or operators high on marijuana who hit and kill pedestrians and leave the scene to avoid jail time for Drunk driving death resulting.

Suspect arrested in Lincoln hit-and-run that injured 23-year-old woman  “A North Providence man, 50, was arrested Christmas Day after Lincoln Police Officer Kyle Wingate saw a motor vehicle being operated at Anna Sayles Road and Old River Road with front-end damage consistent with that of the suspect vehicle from a pedestrian hit-and-run that injured Melissa Richmond on Dec. 21.”

Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Rhode Island:

In order to fully understand negligence, it is necessary  to do an analysis of the most common causes  causes of automobile and motor vehicle wrecks


Under the laws in the Ocean State, a person could be speeding even if they are driving speeds under the designated speed limits. A motorist must take into account icy highways, slick roads, black ice, police officers exposed on the side of the road pulling over a motorist as well as rain and make sure that their speed is reasonable under the circumstances. (§ 31-14-1 Reasonable and prudent speeds.) If you violate this law you may not only be negligent but you may be fined by a police officer.

A white SUV Motor Vehicle left the street, rolled over and crashed and one person was killed. According to wpro: “Witnesses tell WPRO that the white SUV was speeding before the crash.

Distracted Driving | RI Car Accident Attorney:

Distracted driving is by no means a new phenomenon. Texting and operating a motor vehicle in RI is prohibited in Rhode Island. In the case of a fatal crash or a wreck involving serious personal injury related to distracted driving, criminal charges could be pursued by the local police department or the state police.

“Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways. In 2012 alone, 3,328 were killed in distracted driving crashes.”

There are hundreds of different types of distracted driving but the most common types appear to be: texting and driving, use of a gps, web surfing and driving, dialing or using a cell phone, smart phone or mobile device while driving

Illegal U turns:

A man was killed when the bike he was driving hit a Semi Truck which was making an illegal U-turn. Sadly the motorcycle hit the tractor trailer which turned in front of the biker so the biker was unable to stop in time .

Failure to stop at red light or stop-sign:

Failure to stop at a red light or stop sign is also a major cause of accidents in Rhode Island. In some instances, the motorist does not see the traffic signal but some people ignore red lights because they are either intoxicated or in a rush to get home or to work.

“§ 31-13-4 Obedience to devices. – The driver of any vehicle shall obey the instructions of any official traffic control device applicable to him or her placed in accordance with the provisions of chapters 12 – 27 of this title…”

Mechanical failure causing automobile accidents

The most frequent types of mechanical failures resulting in collisions are defective tires or brakes. A worn down brake pad can cause a car to careen into and smash another vehicle especially if there is snow or ice on the road or highway. In some cases the owner of the vehicle negligently delayed in getting the brake pads replaced.

Other vehicle owners have improperly operating braking systems that could result in the brakes failing to operate properly. If a motorist cannot stop appropriately in a safe and prudent manner then a car crash can result.

Improper tire traction as a result of worn down, flat tires or tire blowouts can be a major cause of trucking, motorcycle or motor vehicle mishaps.

The other types of accidents that result with mechanical failure typically pertain to non- operational head lights or tail tights, steering failures as well as inoperable windshield wipers.

Drowsy and sleepy driving in RI | RI car accident attorney:

Sleepy and tired driving is huge societal problem in this day and age especially with truckers. Truck drivers are under increasing pressure to maximize productivity and get their deliveries on time. This has resulted in numerous instances of tractor trailer and semi-truck crashes as a result of the truck driver falling asleep at the wheel.

The Federal Motor Carrier safety Administration reported:
“Driver fatigue may be due to a lack of adequate sleep, extended work hours, strenuous work or non-work activities, or a combination of other factors.14 The Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS) reported that 13 percent of Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers were considered to have been fatigued at the time of their crash.”

US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier safety Administartion regulations

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