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Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents Riding motorcycles can be extremely dangerous in Rhode Island even under the best of circumstances. This is true even if the biker has obstruction-free vision, powerful brakes and good tires. Sadly, motorcycle accidents and a bike accident in RI happen every day, with many crashes ending in serious injuries and death. Because of the limited protection of riding on a motorcycle, bikers and passengers can suffer significant bodily harm.

In many cases, the Providence accident is caused by negligence where other drivers never saw or recognized the motorcycle on the roadway. Per mile traveled, a biker has a 30 times greater chance of being killed in an accident compared to motorists and passengers riding in automobiles, trucks and commercial vehicles.

Motorcycle Accidents  and bike accident in Providence RI

The most common types of motorcycle accidents in Warwick, Cranston and Woonsocket occur when the biker is involved in an open door incident, collisions with vehicles /cars, coming to a sudden stop or when simply riding alone. These accidents include:

1. Left Turn Accidents in Rhode Island – Vehicles turning left in front of the motorcyclist cause a high majority of accidents in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. This is because the other driver often fails to see the motorcyclist or judges their rate of speed incorrectly prior to turning in front of the biker at an intersection. These types of Central Falls, Cumberland and Lincoln accidents are often caused by distraction, inattention and blind spots.

2. Taking a Corner Too Fast – Not every motorcycle accident in Barrington, Bristol or Warren is a result of other drivers. When the biker takes a corner too fast, one or both tires can easily lose traction causing the motorcycle to slide on its side. Other times, overcompensating on tight turns cause the bike to go out of control and hit barriers, other vehicles or pedestrians.

3. Lane Change Accidents – Motorists experiencing a blind spot cause a high number of motorcycle accidents when the vehicle suddenly veers into another lane occupied by a biker. Often times, drivers are looking out for other vehicles that are not necessarily as small as a motorcycle.

4. Hit from Behind – Many rear end collisions involving motorcycles occur at intersections, crosswalks, red lights and stop signs. While a slow collision from behind my cause significant damage to another vehicle, a fender bender accident can easily crush a biker and passenger.

5. Front Brake Lock – Motorcyclists lacking experience can easily flip their bike by locking the front brake too quickly, especially if it is not equipped with an ABS (anti-locking brake system) feature.

6. Open Door Accident – “Dooring” kills many motorcyclists every year. This type of accident occurs when occupants in vehicles parked along the roadway open their doors into the active traffic lane. The only way to eliminate the potential of this happening is to ride in the lane at a comfortable distance from parked vehicles on the side of the road.

7. Slippery Surfaces – Wet, icy and snow-filled streets can create a slippery surface. In fact, slippery roads can be treacherous during storms and heavy torrential downpours. These types of Rhode Island accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, especially if the motorcycle slides into oncoming traffic.

8. Sudden Stop Crashes – Bikers and passengers in Rhode Island can suffer serious injuries or death when a motorcycle rear-ends into another vehicle or crashes into a stationary object.

9. Single Motorcycle Accident in East Providence, Riverside and Rumford – Curvy roadways, poor weather conditions and bike riding inexperience are all factors responsible for single motorcycle accidents.

10. Speeding – Traveling at excessive speed is the leading factor of motorcycle fatalities. This is true whether the biker is traveling too fast or other motorists on the roadway.

Defensive driving and bike accident

The best way to minimize the potential of being involved in a serious accident in Newport, Tiverton or Johnston is to ride the motorcycle defensively. Learning how to ride the bike and follow the rules of the road can also minimize risks while traveling. Bikers and passengers should consider wearing illuminated protection gear to make themselves as visible on the roadway as possible.

If you were injured in a RI motorcycle / Bike accident it is crucial that you retain a Rhode Island motorcycle accident attorney who is also a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer. A top Providence motorcycle accident attorney will help you get the compensation you deserve for a motorcycle wreck in RI.

If a spouse, loved one, family member or child was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident  or  Providence bike accident then you must retain a Rhode Island wrongful death attorney to file a wrongful death cause of action in Providence Superior Court.