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Distracted Driving in RI : Car Accidents Caused by Cell Phone Use

Rhode Island distracted driving accidentsProhibited use of cell phones while driving is the law in many communities hoping to eliminate car accidents caused by distracted driving. This is because speaking or texting on a cell phone while driving is a contributing factor in more than 25 percent of all vehicle accidents nationwide.

Not a New Phenomenon in RI or across Nation

Distracted driving is not a new phenomenon. It  is a problem that has been around as long as transportation. Any activity that diverts the motorist’s attention away from operating a motor vehicle creates a serious issue for everyone sharing the road with a distracted driver. While texting and using a smart phone or cell phone has become a recent problem, other driver distractions have been around for decades, including:

• Grooming or applying makeup
• Drinking or eating
• Reading, including studying maps
• Adjusting the radio, MP3 player or CD player
• Grasping for something out of reach in the vehicle
• Driving with one hand

Drivers become easily distracted when they divert their eyes from the roadway to dial a number, read a message on their smart phone, or type out a text reply. However, not all driver distractions caused by electronic equipment involves diverting eyes from the roadway or manipulating the device.

“Rhode Island’s law against texting while driving is proving ineffective at stopping the behavior and now, slightly more than two years after its original enactment, lawmakers are moving forward with plans to stiffen the penalties for those caught composing, reading or sending such a message while behind the wheel.”

If you are injured in a pedestrian accident caused by driver carelessness including distracted driving  / texting and driving then it is imperative that you don’t just call a Rhode island  personal injury lawyer but you retain an experienced RI Texting While Driving Accident Attorney.

Numerous studies have shown that hands-free devices increase the driver’s “cognitive workload” causing them to become easily distracted. Merely carrying on a conversation with another in the vehicle or using a hands-free communication device tends to drop brain activity making spatial tasks, like operating the vehicle, more challenging.

Steps to Take to prevent distracted driving

Even in locales where talking or texting on a cell phone while driving is legal, it is advisable to avoid it altogether. This is because distracted driving can easily lead to breaking the rules of the road by driving erratically and unsafely, and putting others in harm’s way if you cause an accident. The following steps can minimize the potential of being involved in an accident. They include:

• Your First Priority Is Safe Driving – All humans have limited capacity when multitasking. Because taking or making a cell phone call while driving will likely cause a distraction, avoid it altogether. Let the phone ring, or turn it off completely. When making or taking a call or text message is necessary, pull the vehicle off the road and come to a complete stop before using the phone.

• Maintain Eye Contact on the Road – Any distraction inside the vehicle can cause you to easily divert your eyes from the roadway. Prepare before heading out, like turning off your cell phone, turning the radio dial to the proper station, or consuming food and beverages before driving.

• Limit Your Conversations – Having a smart phone inside the vehicle can be extremely handy and convenient during emergencies. However, cell phone use is often abused. Because involved or lengthy discussions can easily cause you to become distracted, limit your conversations while driving.

Texting and driving in Rhode Island is not just limited to automobile motorist as there have been hundreds of distracted driving motorcycle, truck, pedestrian, bus and motor vehicle crashes. If you were injured as a result of a RI distracted driving collision then please contact a Rhode Island Distracted Driving personal injury lawyer. Distracted driving crashes occur all over Rhode Island including: Coventry, East Greenwich, Providence, West Greenwich, West Warwick, Warwick, Central Falls, Lincoln, Cranston and Cumberland

Distracted driving Accident in Rhode Island

When it can be determined that a driver’s distraction caused a vehicle accident, the motorist can be held legally responsible and be required to pay financial compensation to injured victims. In many incidences, distracted driving is far more dangerous than drunk driving because the distracted motorist is not even watching the roadway at the time of the accident.

A skilled Rhode Island  personal injury attorney representing a victim suffering injuries caused by a Providence distracted driver will seek financial compensation for their client to cover medical expenses, loss of income, loss of life, pain, suffering and  other damages. Reputable RI car accident attorneys are usually successful because it can be proved that the driver at fault for the accident was visually, manually and cognitively distracted at the time the  East Greenwich, North Kingston or South Kingston accident occurred.

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