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When Bizarre Distracted Driving Behaviors Cause Accidents

Car Accidents Caused by Bizarre Distracted DrivingNearly 50 percent of all accidents occurring in the United States are directly or indirectly caused by distracted driving. While many of the suspected culprits of distraction include texting, calling on a smart phone, eating, drinking and using GPS navigation, many accidents are the result of bizarre driving behaviors that cause serious injuries and fatalities.

Strict Laws against Distracted Driving

Even though communities have very strict laws and ordinances against distracted driving, law enforcement deals with many bizarre behaviors performed by individuals behind the wheel of a car while it is in motion. In 2012, more than 3000 individuals nationwide lost their lives through distracted driving. The most common type of accident involves rear end collisions caused by drivers distracted / texting while driving or looking away from the roadway for just a second or two. The most bizarre distracted driving behaviors known to cause accidents include:

Unusual distractions and vehicular operation

• Public Displays of Affection – While a romantic encounter can be exciting and adventurous, kissing and “fooling around” should never be performed in a moving car. It is already a challenge to minimize major distractions and keep both eyes focused on the roadway without increasing the potential risk of causing an accident by becoming intimate while driving.

• Styling and Combing Hair – Many of us in a hurry to reach our destination will leave the house or office without spending time grooming our appearance. Unfortunately, some individuals choose to style and comb their hair while traveling down crowded streets and busy highways.

• Changing Clothes – Removing any article of clothing while operating a moving vehicle is a dangerous activity that can cause serious collisions. While changing clothing in a car might be the only available option, it is an activity that should only be performed after the car has been stopped and the transmission put into park.

• Applying Makeup – Many women admit to applying makeup while driving, including curling eyelashes, spreading foundation and lipstick, and using tweezers to pluck unwanted hair from their faces, all while staring into the driver-side vanity mirror.

• Brushing and Flossing – While everyone wants their pearly whites to sparkle and shine, brushing and flossing teeth while operating a moving car usually requires too much focus to remain attentive to the roadway.

• Changing Drivers – Even though it is a wise decision to take a break from long hours of driving, changing drivers while the vehicle is moving is a dumb idea. Losing the few minutes it takes to pull the car off the side of the road to switch places is much better than losing your life and the life of your co-pilot.

• Taking a Selfie – Remembering the moment of driving the car should not be captured by taking a selfie behind the wheel while it is moving.

• Using the Vehicle as a Toilet – Not surprisingly, men account for the high incident rate of “going to the bathroom” while driving. What is surprising is that women also admit to “relieving themselves,” while operating a moving vehicle.

Taking Legal Action in Providence Superior Court using a Rhode Island distracted driving personal injury lawyer

If you, or a loved one, have suffered serious injuries caused by a distracted driver, you are entitled to pursue legal action against all responsible parties to obtain financial compensation. However, the complexities of filing a claim and negotiating a settlement or presenting evidence in court is challenging. Successfully resolving the case usually requires a highly skilled Rhode Island personal injury attorney or a RI car accident lawyer to investigate the accident, gather evidence and talk to eyewitnesses to build a solid claim for compensation.

Your lawyer will have access to investigators and a large network of accident and medical reconstruction experts who can determine exactly how the accident occurred. Successful personal injury attorneys who specialize in distracted driving claims and lawsuits usually offer free initial consultations to evaluate the case. These cases are accepted on a contingency basis to provide immediate legal representation without the need to pay a retainer or any upfront fees.