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Rhode Island Rollover Multi Car Accident

Rhode Island rollover accident lawyer

A rollover accident in Rhode Island can occur when a car, truck, van, SUV or other motor vehicle flips over and lands on its side or roof. In the US, rollover accidents kill more motorists and passengers than any other type of crashes except for head on collisions. When the accident is caused by more than one vehicle, it is often troublesome to file a compensation claim for damages, injuries or death.

Rollover Accident Lawyer

Rollover multi car accidents are often legally complex. This is because victims and surviving family members filing a personal injury claim or wrongful death lawsuit must deal with overlapping insurance policies and numerous liable parties. Determining responsibility for the RI accident with injuries or deaths is often confusing and difficult to prove which driver involved in the accident is at fault.

Multiple motorists retain lawyers

Quite often, multiple parties are to blame, especially in cases involving chain reaction multi-vehicle rollover accidents. In these types of cases, one or more insurance companies will give the victim the run around in an attempt to blame anyone else but their policyholder. Sometimes, an insurance carrier will attempt to lengthen the compensation process by delaying payment or denying the claim altogether. Because of that, many victims and surviving family members will hire a Rhode Island personal injury attorney who specializes in rollover multi car accidents.

How Rollovers Occur in Providence, Pawtucket and Woonsocket

In many cases, flipping a vehicle on its side or roof usually requires one or more specific factors to occur, including:

• The Impact of the Crash – The extreme force of one vehicle hitting another can make even large trucks, buses and SUVs highly susceptible to rolling over. High profile vehicles tend to be easier to roll over than a coup or sedan automobile that has a lower center of gravity.

• Hard Steering or Over Correcting – Generating enough force to rollover of vehicle can occur if the motorist pulls the steering wheel sharply in either direction while speeding. This type of accident often occurs when the motorist is attempting to avoid an object, accident or other vehicle on the roadway, or navigating a tight turn at too great a speed. Motorists will often react with over correcting and hard steering when driving drowsy or fatigued.

• Hitting a Median or Ditch – If the vehicle leaves the road and hits the median or ditch at a point lower than the roadway, it can rollover and land on its roof or side. Regaining the vehicle’s orientation is often nearly impossible to correct when traveling on a steep incline off the road at a high rate of speed.

• Losing Roadway Traction – Traveling on surfaces slippery from rain, ice and oil can easily cause the tires of the vehicle to lose traction, making it slide or spin out of control. In some situations when traction is regained, the force generated by a slide or spin out can cause the operator to turn the wheel and roll the vehicle over.

Not all rollover multi car accidents in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations are caused by driver error. Faulty tires, malfunctioning brakes and design flaws during the manufacturing process can also cause vehicles to rollover and crash. So too can roadway conditions including large potholes, construction areas or snowy, icy and slippery streets.

Taking Legal Action in Rhode Island in a rollover crash in RI

Most rollover vehicle accidents in Rhode Island are the result of driver error or automobile product liability issues. Taking legal action to hold responsible parties accountable for a rollover accident in Rhode Island (RI) involving serious injuries and fatalities is complex. The case often requires the skills of RI personal injury attorneys or Rhode Island wrongful death lawyers who specialize in vehicle collisions and RI wrongful death cases.

A Providence  rollover accident lawyer can preserve the vehicle as evidence and investigate the scene of the Providence accident to document paint marks, skid marks and roadway conditions at the time the incident occurred. A skilled East Providence law firm can file a claim or suit on behalf of the victim or surviving family members seeking compensation to pay medical bills and recoup lost wages.