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Snowstorm Motor Vehicle Accidents Cause Serious Injury

Icy road car accidents in Rhode IslandThe winter weather  in Rhode Island has been especially brutal in recent years causing some of the worst driving conditions ever experienced by motorists. The dangerous road conditions in RI during and after winter storms can create slippery  and icy streets, roads and highways  filled with black ice hidden under sludge and snow. Even when drivers travel slow and cautiously, they can become the victims of serious, life-threatening car or truck accidents when other motorists act recklessly or negligently.

Winter weather car accident

Snowstorm motor vehicle accidents in Providence  cause some of the most serious injuries when the collision involves:

• Driving in heavy snow (whiteout)
• Hydroplaning
• Accidents caused by freezing rain and sleet
• Black ice
• Slippery and icy roads

Motorists sharing the roads with commercial trucks in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations are often at the greatest risk of being involved in a serious accident while driving in wintry road conditions.

Common Causes of Snowstorm Accident

Numerous factors are often involved in winter driving accidents in Rhode Island where the roadways are filled with water, snow or ice. The leading causes of snowstorm accidents in RI include:

• Inadequate Braking Distance – Motorists are often unable to stop the vehicle in time because of the increased braking distance required when driving on icy or snowy pavement.

• Limited Visibility – Freezing rain, sleet, ice and snow can limit visibility for motorists attempting to drive safely on the roadway. Failing to clear the vehicle completely of accumulated snow and ice before driving often diminishes the capacity to see clearly and safely.

• Driving Distracted – Many snowstorm accidents in East Providence, Woonsocket and Bristol are the result of distracted driving when the motorist is adjusting the car radio, speaking on a cell phone, consuming beverages and food, handling pets, texting, or conversing with another inside the vehicle. Any distraction that diverts the motorist’s eyes, hands or attention off the roadway can cause an accident when the car is traveling on icy or snowy pavement.

• False Sense of Security – Many seasoned motorist in Cumberland, Lincoln and North Providence often have a false sense of security when driving in snowy conditions. In many incidences, snow-covered roadways will actually have a hidden layer of dangerous ice that is impossible to see. Motorist driving aggressively or quickly can create dangerous situations for others on the road.

Driving during a Whiteout – Many snowstorms create a whiteout where the snowfall was so heavy it is impossible to see any farther than the front of the vehicle. When the driver’s vision is obscured, the potential of an accident is greatly increased. Many chain reaction pile-ups are the result of blizzard or whiteout conditions that create a lack of visibility.

• Freezing Rain – Many storms produce freezing rain when the temperature is not cold enough to make snow or warm enough to keep the rain liquid. As the freezing rain lands on the roadways and windshields, it can dramatically reduce visibility and produce exceptionally slippery conditions. Freezing rain or sleet are really ice pellets that can quickly build up on the street and created driving surface that resembles packed snow. Unfortunately, the slick surface produces a very dangerous condition where motorists are unable to control their vehicle at any speed.

Negligent Driving in RI

Many drivers who cause accidents during snowstorms are guilty of negligence, carelessness or recklessness if they do not take a proactive approach during the winter months. The driver causing an accident may be negligent if they fail to change their regular tires to snow tires, drive at an inappropriate speed for the road conditions or tailgate.

Drivers who have suffered injury and damage in a weather-related vehicle accident that was not their fault might have a legitimate claim for financial compensation. Hiring a RI rear end car accident attorney can help. A skilled  Rhodee Island auto crash law firm with experience in snowstorm motor vehicle/ automobile accidents can provide a variety of legal options. The Rhode Island car accident attorney can file a claim or lawsuit to ensure the victim receives the compensation they deserve.