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Common Types of Injuries Caused by Car Accidents in Rhode Island

Rhode Island car accident types of injuriesCar accidents in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations cause devastating injuries and death to motorists, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians. Statistics maintained by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) indicate that over 3 million people suffer injuries every year in vehicle  and automobile accidents across the nation. While every auto accident  in RI is unique with its own facts, evidence and severity, there are specific commonalities to the types of injuries the victims endure.

Common types of vehicle crash injuries in Rhode Island include:

There are hundreds perhaps thousands of different types of injuries that result from vehicular collisions in Rhode Island. This personal injury law post seeks to outline some of the more common types of car wreck collisions in Rhode Island.

Head and Brain Injuries

Harm to the head or brain is by far one of the most debilitating injuries a motorist, passenger or other individual can experience. Brain injuries and head trauma often occur when the head is hit violently, or encounters an object at great velocity.

Many victims of car  collisions can suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI) at a level from mild to severe. The extent of their injuries often depends on how the brain jostles or moves about inside the skull. The trauma to the brain often causes significant bleeding, swelling and bruising that can leave permanent damage even with the best medical care.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are a common occurrence in a vehicle accident, especially during a  Providence rear end collision. The force of impact can cause whiplash or damage to the spinal column. Often times, the impact will cause cervical dislocation that requires rehabilitation, physical therapy and at times extensive surgery to allow the neck to fully recover.

In some situations with it spinal cord is damage or cut beyond repair, the injured victim suffers permanent disability that could involve quadriplegic or paraplegic paralysis. The extent of the injuries usually requires lifelong assistance by quality medical professionals and caregivers.

Back Injuries

The back is another common area for injury in a Rhode Island car accident. Victims often experience fractured vertebrae or herniated discs along with strains and sprains to many of the tendons and ligaments surrounding the spinal cord. Often times, the injury limits the victims mobility.

If the spinal column is torn or bruised the interior axons can be destroyed and reduce feeling or function to any or all of the body below the injury. In some cases, a severe back injury can leave the victim paralyzed for life.

Internal Damage

When the victim of a  motor vehicle accident suffers an extensive blow to the torso, the injury can easily cause temporary or permanent internal damage. The severe impact of an auto or truck accident can injure the victim’s heart, aorta, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, bowels or other organs. In addition, the victim might suffer fractured bones to the extremities, or cracked ribs that can easily puncture internal organs, especially the lungs.

If left undetected, nearly any type of internal injury can create a life-threatening condition, where the victim can easily die as a result. Because of that, it is essential that every vehicle  and trucking accident victim receive emergency medical care, even if their injuries seem minimal.


The harsh impact and severity of many  RI car  accident, semi truck and tractor trailer accidents can leave the victim disfigured. Shattered glass, seat belt straps, steering wheel, dashboard, windshield and airbag can all produce injuries to the face and body.

In many incidences, the victims are left disfigured for life or require many additional surgeries to restore their natural appearance. Common disfigurement injuries involved bruises, scrapes, fractures, lacerations and punctures that can affect the victim’s physical, mental, emotional and psychological health for years.

Nearly every type of vehicle accident leaves psychological scars. Victims often experience high levels of emotional distress, persistent depression and anxiety along with PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder). The psychological injury caused by a vehicle accident can have a direct effect on nearly every aspect of an individual’s life and produce negative effects that last a lifetime.