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RI Fatal Bike Crash Lawyer: Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death

Motorcycle Accident Wrongful DeathMotorcycle riders have the greatest potential of suffering serious injuries or death on America’s roadways and Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. This is because of the lack of protection against passenger vehicles and commercial trucks. The motorcyclist faces numerous unique challenges including roadway conditions, adverse weather and inattention by other drivers. Sadly, all too often motorcyclists are injured in a motorcycle accident.

The three leading factors of a motorcycle accident wrongful death in RI involve:

Lack of Protection – Drivers in passenger cars and commercial trucks have extensive protection both in and outside their vehicle. This includes head restraints, seatbelts, airbags and patted equipment including steering wheels and dashboards. Alternatively, a motorcycle rider and passenger can only extend their protection to wearing a helmet, leather clothing and padding.

Driver Inattention – When other drivers lose focus on the roadway through distraction  such as texting while driving or lazy behavior, they can easily miss seeing a motorcycle in the next lane, behind them or on approach. In fact, the vast majority of motorcycle accidents occur on freeways and at intersections when motorists change lanes unexpectedly or turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle.

Roadways Hazards – Because the motorcycle has only two wheels, any roadway hazard can cause significant problems and increase the likelihood of an accident. Common hazards in Rhode Island include roadway debris, potholes, fallen branches, blown tires, stones, sticks and oil slicks.

Statistics maintained by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) indicate that a motorcycle rider and passenger have a 35 times higher likelihood of dying in a traffic accident compared to motorists and passengers riding in a car.

The statistics also suggest that nearly half of all motorcycle accidents with fatalities occur when the bike collides into other vehicles, and one in four deaths occur from crashing into fixed objects. Only one in three motorcycle accident wrongful deaths occur from speeding.

Legal Liability in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

Even though passenger vehicle drivers and truckers have reduced visibility and recognizing a motorcycle on a road or freeway, failing to see the bike is no excuse for the accident. Making a sudden lane change or turning in front of an approaching bike nearly always endangers the motorcyclist, causing a crash.

Even though the motorcyclist has the identical legal rights enjoyed by truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists, negative stereotypes and prejudices often make it difficult to prove legal liability. Because of that, surviving family members of a lost loved one killed in a motorcycle accident will hire a  RI personal injury attorney  or a Rhode island wrongful death lawyer to help determine who was at fault for the death.

Hiring a  RI motorcycle accident Lawyer or Providence Car Accident Lawyers

An aggressive Providence wrongful death lawyer  or East Providence bike collision attorney can build a claim for compensation by gathering crucial evidence to substantiate which parties are at fault for the fatality. The Warwick, Cranston Or Providence motorcycle accident lawyer will file a motorcycle accident wrongful death lawsuit representing the executor of the estate of the deceased on behalf of the spouse, parents, child or grandparents of the decedent. The lawsuit will seek recompense for numerous kinds of damage including:

• Funeral and burial costs
• Hospital expenses and medical bills related to the accident
• Loss of consortium, companionship and friendship
• Loss of income, benefits, retirement
• Loss of any projected future earnings that would have provided financial support to the family
• Mental anguish, pain, suffering and emotional trauma suffered by the victim’s family
• The pain suffered by the victim before dying

There is no amount of financial compensation sufficient enough to replace the love, care and nurturing of the love one, nor extinguish the grief experienced by survivors. However, survivors do not deserve to be ruined financially because of the negligence, carelessness or recklessness of others.

A skilled  Rhode Island motorcycle accident attorney can evaluate the full impact of economic and non-economic losses to determine the value of a motorcycle accident wrongful death case. The  RI law firm will stand up to claims adjusters or opposing counsel to negotiate an out-of-court settlement or win the case at trial.