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Rhode Island Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful death cases in Rhode Island are litigated by experienced RI wrongful death attorneys / lawyers in lawsuits and claims filed by the decedent’s surviving family members through the executor and administrator of the estate. These types of cases usually involve fatalities caused by another’s negligence, carelessness or reckless behavior or through some type of […]

Speeding Related Auto & High Speed Motor Vehicle Collision

While any type of Rhode Island vehicle accident can be a traumatic experience for victims, speeding related accidents can be catastrophic, resulting in serious injuries and death. Many times, RI motorists will make the decision to drive over the speed limit to reach their destination quicker or to drive fast on a joy ride. However, […]

Rhode Island Mechanical Failure Accident Attorney | Defective Brakes etc.

Improper maintenance of cars, trucks and motorcycles on roads and freeways in Rhode Island often lead to serious injuries or death. As a part of the privilege of driving, all motorists in RI have a responsibility to maintain their vehicle to ensure it operates in a safe condition and does not pose a threat to […]

Rhode Island Catastrophic Injuries and Serious Injury Lawyer

Every day, tens of thousands of individuals suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents occurring on the nation’s highways and roadways. While most accident victims in Rhode Island will heal completely, others face a long recovery time and might never fully heal from their wounds. When the injuries are long lasting, the victims and families also […]

Accidents Caused By Lane Violation | Slepkow Law

Many motor vehicle accidents in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations are the result of an unsafe lane change into unsuspecting traffic. In many situations, a driver can cause an accident during an improper lane change by moving into other lanes without a clear path. Swerving between lanes, making a partial lane change, or changing from […]

Find the Best Rhode Island Truck Accident Attorney

When victims are injured or killed in a semi-truck accident involving driver fatigue, a skilled Rhode Island personal injury attorney or a providence wrongful death lawyer can build a solid case for compensation. The RI trucking injury litigation law firm can file a claim or lawsuit and prove how the misconduct of the trucker and […]

Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer | Slepkow Law (Family Tradition- 1932)

A Rhode Island personal injury lawyer understands that motorists are legally required to provide an extra level of care whenever pedestrians are present, or expected to be present, in the area. According to personal injury laws, the driver is legally responsible to provide due care or a high level of safety to everyone in their […]

Types of Compensation: Hospitalization, Lost Income & Pain / suffering

The amount of financial compensation you can receive in a personal injury claim in Rhode Island is based on the value of your damages, losses and injuries. Your skilled RI car accident attorney will seek compensation on your behalf to negotiate an out-of-court settlement or build a solid case to take to trial at providence […]

East Providence Negligence Attorneys | Slepkow Law

If you have ever lost a friend or family member to a car crash, you know how devastating it can be. Perhaps you have been in an accident yourself. Maybe, that time, you were lucky and were not injured. Every day in America, lives are lost and people are injured due to another driver not […]

Tips For Taking Good Pictures after Your Crash

If you peruse several Rhode Island auto accident attorneys’ websites for advice for what to do after a RI car accident, chances are more than a few websites will encourage you to take photographs of your car accident scene. The reason for this advice is simple: a car accident scene can be cleaned up relatively […]