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RI rear-end motorcycle accident & car crash injury attorney

 Any motor vehicle accident can be deadly, but those who ride motorcycles are especially at risk when a crash occurs. In fact, bikers are 27 times more likely to get into a fatal accident than those who are behind the wheel of a car or truck.  During a crash, the frame and safety features of a […]

Do roundabouts cause more accidents in RI and MA?

Roundabouts are typically called rotaries in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  The history of rotaries in Massachusetts is a long and controversial one. Rotaries “proliferated in Massachusetts since the first was built in Yarmouth on Cape Cod in 1939, but construction of new rotaries was banned in the 1960s.”  “Roundabouts have become synonymous with odd […]

Bicycle Accident Statistics | Fatal bike crash

Riding a bicycle has been associated with numerous benefits, both from a human and environmental perspective. Such an activity certainly supports physical fitness efforts, which is perhaps why the number of bike riders across the country has been increasing in recent years. Add to that renewed efforts to get drivers off the road in deference […]

Premises Liability Accident: Snow pile obstructed view crash

During the intense winter months in Rhode Island, many plows will create high snowbanks while clearing away roads, side streets and parking lots. Business owners, property owners and others in charge of the premises In Warwick, Cranston and Providence have a legal responsibility to remove accumulated snow on their premises at entryways and in their […]

Winter weather and truck accident crashes in Rhode Island

The driver of a tractor trailer in Rhode Island is operating a gigantic piece of machinery that can be over 60 feet long and weigh up to 80,000 pounds. It has large blind spots, it’s not very maneuverable, and the heavier the load that’s being carried, the more stopping distances are increased. When a tractor-trailer […]

Accidents Caused by Truckers & Motorists Not Removing Snow

Winter Storm Jonas is just about done with his fit of fury he released on the East Coast and in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. With the first major snowstorm of the season wrapping up, many people are digging out and trying to get their cars back on the road. For some, they remove the […]

Tips For Taking Good Pictures After Your RI Auto Accident

If you peruse several Rhode Island auto accident attorneys’ websites for advice for what to do after a RI car accident, chances are more than a few websites will encourage you to take photographs of your car accident scene. The reason for this advice is simple: a car accident scene can be cleaned up relatively […]

RI Car Accident | Dangerous Technological Distractions Behind the Wheel

Distracted driving causes more than 420,000 injuries1 on an annual basis in the U.S. The following are some examples of technological distractions that can lead to  RI car, motor vehicle and automobile accidents and injuries: Smartphones and distracted driving Cell phones began the trend of widespread technological distraction on the road, as many people began […]

RI Car Accident Attorney | Elderly Drivers and Auto Crash

A top RI car accident attorney is keenly aware that some elderly drivers pose a significant traffic safety hazard to everyone sharing the roadway. In fact, elder motorists cause more deadly crashes than teenagers who often lack the experience necessary to avoid. In addition, individuals 70 years and older are much less likely to maintain […]

Drowsy Driving Motor vehicle and Car Accident Statistics

Staying alert and aware is the easiest way to stay alive when driving a vehicle across the nation’s and Rhode Island’s highways, roadways and city streets. Statistics maintained by the National Sleep Foundation indicate that more than 160 million Americans say they have felt drowsy when behind the wheel and more than 100 million individuals […]