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Premises Liability Accident: Snow pile obstructed view crash

During the intense winter months in Rhode Island, many plows will create high snowbanks while clearing away roads, side streets and parking lots. Business owners, property owners and others in charge of the premises In Warwick, Cranston and Providence have a legal responsibility to remove accumulated snow on their premises at entryways and in their […]

‘Ice Missiles’ Fly Off Vehicles, Failure to Clear Snow Causing Accidents

Winter Storm Jonas is just about done with his fit of fury he released on the East Coast and in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. With the first major snowstorm of the season wrapping up, many people are digging out and trying to get their cars back on the road. For some, they remove the […]

Tips For Taking Good Pictures after Your Crash

If you peruse several Rhode Island auto accident attorneys’ websites for advice for what to do after a RI car accident, chances are more than a few websites will encourage you to take photographs of your car accident scene. The reason for this advice is simple: a car accident scene can be cleaned up relatively […]

Accidents Involving Elderly Drivers | Slepkow Law (est 1932)

A top RI car accident attorney is keenly aware that some elderly drivers pose a significant traffic safety hazard to everyone sharing the roadway. In fact, elder motorists cause more deadly crashes than teenagers who often lack the experience necessary to avoid. In addition, individuals 70 years and older are much less likely to maintain […]

Drowsy Driving and Sleepy Driving Accident Lawyer | Slepkow Law

Staying alert and aware is the easiest way to stay alive when driving a vehicle across the nation’s and Rhode Island’s highways, roadways and city streets. Statistics maintained by the National Sleep Foundation indicate that more than 160 million Americans say they have felt drowsy when behind the wheel and more than 100 million individuals […]

5 Common Types of Car Accidents in RI

In general, a person has a higher chance of being involved in a car accident compared to an airplane disaster. Millions of people each day will enter their motor vehicles, car or trucks and have a possible accident sometime in the following hours. It’s important for drivers to understand some of the most common accidents […]

Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer | Slepkow Law (est. 1932)

A Rhode Island personal injury lawyer understands that motorists are legally required to provide an extra level of care whenever pedestrians are present, or expected to be present, in the area. According to personal injury laws, the driver is legally responsible to provide due care or a high level of safety to everyone in their […]

Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Many motorcycle enthusiasts recognize that riding their bike is a natural way of life and an expressive opportunity to enjoy the thrill of the open road. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are often at the mercy of motorists on the roadway who do not understand the rules of the road or drive appropriately to effectively minimize the […]

Rhode Island Head-On Collision Attorney | Slepkow Law

Accidents involving head-on collisions are the most dangerous crashes in Rhode Island because of the increased impact sustained by both motorists. Two vehicles approaching each other at even a relatively slow speed can cause a life-threatening head-on collision car accident involving serious injuries. Rhode Island Head-On Collision Lawyers Even though head-on collisions account for only […]

Failure to Yield the Right of Way | Slepkow Law

If you have suffered injuries in a Rhode Island right of way failure to yield car, truck or motorcycle accident caused by another driver’s failure to yield to your right-of-way, how can you prove they are at fault for your injuries and damages to receive compensation? Many motorists on the nation’s highways, roadways and streets […]