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RI Injury lawyer: Rear End Snowstorm Accidents Cause Injuries

RI rear end car accidentsDriving under hazardous wintry conditions is not an unusual problem for motorists in the Northeast and in particular Rhode Island. Even so, tens of thousands of weather-related accidents still occur during the winter months every year across the United States and in Rhode Island. A large percent of these motor vehicle wrecks constituted rear end vehicular collisions.

Often times, snow, ice and freezing rain create unsafe slippery road conditions in RI where accidents with injuries could happen. Vehicles driving too fast in Rhode Island usually do not have adequate time or distance to stop safely before rear-ending the car or truck ahead of them.

Failure to take proper precautions

Unfortunately, many of serious rear-end accidents occurring on the nation’s highways and in Rhode Island  are the result of motorists not taking proper precautions when driving in inclement weather. Most of these accidents could be easily avoided if motorists drove at a safe speed and appreciated the potential risks associated with driving on ice and snow.

Accumulated snow causing  a RI car collision

Accumulating sleet and snow on highways, roadways, streets, parking lots, sidewalks and other surfaces can cause significant injuries if accidents are involved. Even once the sleet and snow has stopped falling, the accumulation of icy wet patches can cause significant  car or truck crashes where motorists and automobile passengers are injured or killed.

Iced form by dropping temperatures or falling freezing rain is also associated with a high number of vehicle deaths and injuries every year. The icy pavement is often the result of “black ice” that is covered with sludge or snow and impossible to see from the driver seat. In many incidences, even a minimal amount of black ice on the road can make it impossible to stop in time from hitting the vehicle ahead if the driver is traveling to close (tailgating).

Common Injuries in an Icy Rear End Collision in Warwick, Cranston and East Providence accidents

In many incidences, the victim of a rear end collision involving ice or snow suffers serious injuries that often include:

• Fractures and broken bones
• Head injuries including traumatic brain injury (TBI)
• Spine, neck or back injuries
• Herniated disc injuries
• Ankle or wrist injuries
• Organ damage
• Disfigurement
• Permanent or temporary disability

Usually, the hospital expenses of recouping from the accident are high. The medical therapy and treatment to recover from the injuries are expensive and long-lasting. Typically, the victim is out of work for an extended period, losing much-needed wages that can go on for months or years after the accident.

An accident not your fault

If you are suffering serious injuries in a rear end collision in Rhode Island involving snow or ice, you are likely facing substantial medical bills, lost wages and financial loss. If the  Providence or Pawtucket accident was not your fault, you are likely entitled to receive financial compensation for your injuries from the other motorist. However, proving negligence of those responsible for a weather related accident is often complicated.

The complex RI  tort laws will require that you show how the action or in actions of others caused your injuries. Typically, it is beneficial to hire a Bristol, Warren or Barrington personal injury attorney who specializes in snowstorm-related rear end collisions. To build a solid case for financial compensation, your RI car accident attorney will:

• Gather physical evidence, medical documents and police reports
• Conduct an investigation to determine the actual cause of the accident
• Interview eyewitnesses to determine if the driver at fault failed to maintain a safe distance or was speeding, creating an unsafe condition
• Reconstruct the accident to verify the event to show which parties are at fault
• Negotiate with the insurance adjuster or opposing counsel on your behalf to seek an out-of-court settlement
• File a lawsuit and take the case to trial if an out-of-court negotiated settlement cannot be reached

Hire a top Rhode Island personal injury attorney

Hiring a trusted North providence vehicle accident personal injury law firm is essential to ensure you receive adequate recompense for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering. A skilled  South Kingston, North Kingston or Newport Injury attorney or a Rhode Island car accident attorney can provide aggressive legal representation and ensure the very best experts are handling your case.