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RI Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Attorney: Car Crash

Rhode Island Bicycle and Car Accident Even a minor collision between a bicycle and a motor vehicle can cause significant injuries or a fatality. The vast majority of all motor vehicle / bicycle accidents happen at intersections, even those with a clearly marked crosswalk. However, bicycle accidents with cars, trucks and SUVs are all too often occurring:

• In travel lanes
• In bike lanes
• At driveways
• At crossings
• When the bicyclist is riding in the direction of traffic
• When the bicyclist is facing traffic

If you were injured in a bicycle crash in Rhode Island then you should contact a Rhode Island bicycle accident attorney or a RI bike accident lawyer.

The most common types of bicycle accidents in Rhode Island with motor vehicles, motorcycles and cars involve:

• Crossing Left – In many situations, the driver fails to see oncoming bicycles before making a left-hand turn and crosses into its pathway.

• Crossing Right – Bicyclists are often involved in accidents and collisions when vehicles pull out on the driveway, parking lot or side street on the same side. This means that the bicyclist can crash into the side of the vehicle, or the vehicle can collide into the side of the bicycle, based on who arrives at the location first.

• A “Dooring” Accident – When bicyclists ride along vehicles parked against the sidewalk, they can easily be involved in a “dooring” accident if the occupant in the car opens their door unexpectedly.

• Slammed at a Crosswalk – Many bicycle accidents in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations with motor vehicles and automobiles occur at crosswalks when the auto driver making a right-hand turn is unaware that a bicyclist has the right of way to travel through the intersection. These types of accidents are even more likely to occur when the bicyclist is traveling on the sidewalk and approaching the intersection from either direction.

• Riding against Traffic – Collisions can occur whenever a bicyclist is traveling in the wrong direction, or on the left side of the road against oncoming traffic. The potential of a Barrinton, Bristol or Warren bicycle accident with injuries is heightened because motorists usually do not expect a bicycle to approach from their right side.

When the Light Changes – Crashes in Newport, Tiverton, Narragansett can occur when the bicyclist has stopped for a red light (or stop sign) and moves forward when the light changes. This is because motorists often cannot see the East providence cyclist moving into the intersection and will cross their path when turning right.

• A Right Hook – One of the most common types of Rhode Island bicycle accidents involving cars occurs when a driver making a right-hand turn attempts to out-maneuver a bicyclist by getting to the intersection first. If the bicyclist is unaware that the vehicle is going to turn, slamming on the brakes in an effort to avoid hitting the car is fruitless.

• Rear-Ended – Many motorists in Rhode Island, Providence and Woonsocket are unaware that they must share the road with bicycles, and are often not anticipating seeing a bicyclist in their lane. Other times, the Cranston, Warwick or North Providence cyclist is struck because of weather or lighting conditions at night.

With a little common sense by both the cyclist and the driver, many bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles, vans, trucks and motorcycles can be prevented. To minimize the potential of a RI bicycle accident, it is essential that bicyclist use turning signals and approach every situation as though they are invisible. Believing that no one on the road can see them under any circumstance, avoiding busy streets and wearing reflective gear are the best ways to ride bikes defensively. By wearing a helmet, a bicyclist can minimize the potential of serious injuries or death in an accident with a motor vehicle.

Hiring a Lawyer for representation in a vehicular-bike crash

Unfortunately, bicyclists suffer a high rate of serious injuries and fatalities in any accident that involves a car, truck or motorcycle. Because of that, it is essential that the cyclist or surviving family members hire a Rhode Island personal injury attorney to seek justice and obtain financial compensation for their losses. A reputable law firm can aggressively pursue recompense from negligent motorists to help the victim pay for medical expenses, time away from work, pain and suffering.

If your loved one, spouse, child or family member was killed in deadly / fatal bicycle accident then you need to consider retaining a RI wrongful death lawyer or a Rhode Island wrongful death attorney. Providence fatal bike crash lawyers/ attorneys will help your family get the compensation the family deserves for the bicycle death.