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Rhode Island Motorcyle Accident Personal Injury Attorney

Rhode Island motorcyle accident personal injury lawyerEnjoying the open roads and city streets on a motorcycle in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations can be a dangerous experience. Even though there is a lower frequency of motorcycle accidents compared to other types of collisions involving just passenger vehicles or commercial trucks, typically the injuries to the rider are more severe. If you were injured i n a bike crash then you need a top motorcycle accident attorney in Rhode Island on your side.

Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents in Barrington, Bristol and Burrillville RI

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) individuals are 35 times more likely to die from a motorcycle accident, when compared to vehicle accidents (car accidents). Motorcyclists face special risks when traveling on highways, city streets and side roads in Providence, Central Falls, Charlestown and Coventry Rhode Island. The most common types of motorcycle accidents in Cranston, Cumberland and East Greenwich include:

Head-On motorcycle Collision in Rhode Island

Nearly 56 percent of all accident deaths involving a motorcycle occur in a head-on collision with another vehicle or object. In many incidences, catastrophic accidents happen when a vehicle strikes a motorcyclist from the front. In fact, nearly 80 percent of collisions with vehicles hitting a motorcycle occur from the front, where only five percent of accidents are from the rear. In most incidences, head-on collisions involving a bike (chopper) and another vehicle result in the death of the motorcyclist.

Left Hand Turn  bike accident in Providence and North Providence RI

One of the more dangerous situations for any biker to experience is another vehicle making a left-hand turn as they approach an intersection or while out on a straight away. The NHTSA says that more than four out of every 10 motorcyclist/vehicle accidents happen when a motorist attempted to make a left-hand turn in the pathway of an oncoming motorcycle. Sometimes a East providence, Exeter or Foster driver believes they can maneuver their vehicle safely before the motorcyclist arrives at their location, and other times they simply do not see the bike at all.

Splitting Lanes

Not all motorcycle accidents are the fault of another motorist in Rhode Island. Many Pawtucket, Providence and Johnston bike accidents are the result of lane splitting, when the motorcyclist maneuvers between two lanes of slow-moving or stopped vehicles traveling in heavy traffic. In many incidences, the motorcyclist will experience catastrophic injuries from a lane splitting accident when their maneuver:

• Was too close in proximity to other vehicles
• Reduced the amount of space to handle the bike safely
• Was unexpected by other motorists who were changing lanes or focusing on other road conditions

Splitting lanes in crowded or stopped traffic is illegal in many communities, leaving the motorcyclist at fault or responsible for the accident, their injuries and damages.

Speeding and Impaired Driving in Rhode island and Providence Plantations

Nearly 50 percent of all accidents where just a single motorcycle is involved are caused by impaired riding (alcohol, drugs, fatigue, etc.) and/or speeding. In many of these incidences, the injuries involved are catastrophic to the biker and passenger, because neither is well protected from harm when traveling at excessive speed.

Colliding with Other Objects | motorcycle accident

Nearly one out of every four motorcycle accident fatalities involves a collision where the biker hits a fixed object. The death of the motorcyclist is typically a result of a hard crash impact and being thrown far away from the scene. However, the fatality can also be caused by blunt force trauma when stopped instantly by an object fixed in place like a roadway barrier, parked vehicle, bridge abutment or tree.

Road Hazards in Little Compton, Middletown and Narrangansett RI.

Most motorcyclists face a potentially higher risk of danger in dealing with road hazards and weather conditions, than from being injured by another vehicle. This is because motorcycles are usually smaller and far less stable than a car or truck when hitting animals or potholes in the roadway, dealing with uneven parallel lanes, ruts in the road, slick pavement conditions, unexpected objects or other irregularities.

In addition to the common types of motorcycle accidents, specialty bikes including super sport and sport motorcycles are involved in a higher proportion of injuries and death. However, any motorcyclist in Newport, North Kingstown or North Providence can stay safe if they take steps to avoid or reduce their risks, by anticipating roadway hazards, avoiding lane splitting, and resisting any temptation to ride the bike at excessive speed.

If you were injured in a RI motorcycle accident, call a Rhode Island motorcycle accident lawyer / Providence Bike crash attorney. A good Providence motorcycle accident attorney or RI motorcycle accident lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle crash deaths are costly, but preventable. The single most effective way for states to save lives and save money is a universal helmet law.

  • Helmets saved an estimated 1,630 lives and $2.8 in in economic costs in 2013.1
  • The United States could have saved an additional $1.1 billion in 2013 if all motorcyclists had worn helmets.1
  • Helmets reduce the risk of death by 37%.1
  • Helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69%.2,3 Center for Disease control. CDC