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RI Bus Accident Attorney | Public Transportation Accidents

Rhode Island Common Public Transportation AccidentsIf you have suffered injuries in a Rhode Island accident on a common carrier  like a subway, train or bus, who is responsible for your medical bills, time away from work, pain and suffering?  A bus accident can be complex requiring a skilled RI bus accident lawyer on your side.

Our reliance on the nation’s mass transit systems is crucial to moving people to distant destinations and back home every day. We use public transportation to carry us to work, school, shopping, vacation destinations, sporting events, entertainment venues, hospitals and other locations. Legally, these businesses and individuals are considered common carriers in charge of public. They must be licensed to charge a fee and required to follow specific highly regulated common carrier laws.

Common Carrier Laws in Rhode Island

Nearly every personal injury case and wrongful death lawsuit is based on the rules of negligence, where the injured party is required to prove how another person or entity’s negligence caused the accident, incident or event. However, companies that operate public transportation systems are often subject to “common carrier” laws. A common carrier typically refers to a public bus, trolley car, plane, train and taxi.

By law, common carriers have a legal responsibility to provide the highest level of care and safety to every person writing on board the transport system. The carrier is duty bound to act in a reasonable manner to ensure that the passengers are safe while the vehicle is in motion. Sometimes, this duty of care extends to other circumstances including if a passenger slips and falls while stepping aboard or suffers harm on a broken bench at a bus stop.

Public Transportation Accident Causes

Because federal and state law regulates common carriers, the company must strictly enforce procedures and protocol measures to prevent injury to passengers. However, accidents still occur on buses, trains, planes, taxis, subways, escalators and moving walkways. The most common public transportation accidents occur because of negligence including:

• A lack of security in areas where necessary that ensures the safety and well-being of passengers.
• Poor lighting conditions, accumulated debris or obstructions that make ingress and egress of the public transportation system unsafe for passengers.
• A lack of qualified personnel properly trained to operate public vehicles.
• A lack of maintenance of the vehicles’ machinery, motors, engines and other components.
• Violating bus regulations and traffic laws.
• A defective vehicle design or improper manufacturing process

Common Public Transportation Accidents in providence RI

Crashes, collisions and accidents on public transportation systems are an all too common occurrence. The most common accidents involve:

• Crashing into Objects and Other Vehicles – Drivers negligence is often the root cause of most collisions involving buses hitting other vehicles, bridge abutments and guardrails. These types of Rhode Island accidents usually involve speeding, fatigue, distraction, failing to observe traffic signs, intoxication or faulty vehicle maintenance.

• Slipping and Falling – Nearly all common carriers provide public transportation outdoors and can do little to stop the adverse effects of ice, snow and rain. However, de-icing ingress and egress areas and mopping up spilled fluids and water can minimize slip and fall accidents on the bus, train or other common carrier system.

• Criminal Activity – The bus, train, plane and all other public transportation carriers are required to take appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of all passengers. This includes conducting personnel background checks, hiring qualified security guards and installing surveillance video cameras.

Obtaining Compensation in Providence Rhode Island Superior Court using RI bus accident lawyers

Suffering harm while traveling on public transportation usually entitles you to file a claim for compensation against the public company operating the transport system. However, filing and litigating a claim for recompense against common carriers can be often difficult and confusing. Because of that, it is advisable to hire a personal injury attorney who specializes in public transportation accidents.

Reputable RI bus accident law firms or Rhode Island bus crash attorneys have skill and experience in civil courtroom procedures and settlement negotiations. Your case will be built on investigating the operator’s actions and accident offenses, the hiring and training practices of the company that hired the driver along with vehicle maintenance records and company safety protocols. These cases are typically accepted on contingency to eliminate your need to pay upfront fees.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control, accidents (unintentional injuries) are the 5th leading cause of death in the United States. Transportation accidents account for 31.9 percent of the accidental deaths reported in 2010. 2 Motor vehicle accidents or highway fatalities are responsible for the largest share, accounting for 93 percent of transportation-related deaths. 3 However, motor vehicle crashes have been trending downward, decreasing by 20.2 percent over the past 10 years, which has resulted in fewer motor vehicle fatalities and injuries.4 Many safety factors, including the safety measures, have contributed to this decline.5  , US Department of Transportation Transportation Safety by the Numbers