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RI Truck Accident Attorney | Rhode Island Personal Injury

Commercial truck accidents in Rhode Island Even though commercial truckers are professional drivers with training to handle big rigs, they still account for one out of every eight vehicle accidents with fatalities in the U.S. In fact, accidents involving an 18-wheeler, tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, and other commercial vehicles take the lives of more than 5000 individuals and injure more than 100,000 others every year. There are thousands of  RI truck  accident and car collisions across the United States each year

Rhode Island truck accident

Large commercial truck accidents in Rhode Island usually produce catastrophic results, especially for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycle riders and others riding in passenger vehicles. This is because of the sheer weight and size of the truck. A loaded semi tractor-trailer can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds or more. When tackling dangerous road conditions in Rhode island and Providence Plantations, trucker fatigue or excessive speed, big rig drivers can cause disastrous accidents.

The Cause of Semi- Truck Accidents & RI truck accident in Rhode Island

A commercial vehicle accident in RI  can occur from various factors, especially from the reckless, negligent or careless actions of the trucker. Many of the common causes of  tractor trailer crashes  and RI truck accident include:

• Human Error – Operating a large commercial vehicle such as a 18 wheeler requires the trucker to use 100 percent of their capacity and abilities at all times when behind the wheel. However, sleep deprivation, intoxication, inadequate training, distraction or other factor can create a calamitous opportunity for an accident to occur.

• Mechanical Defect – Semi trucks, tractor-trailers and big rigs are complex vehicles. Any defect in the rigging, tires, wheels, electrical system, computer or braking system places the trucker at risk along with everyone else sharing the road.

• Poor Management – Because trucking companies are profit-making businesses, many truckers are expected to maintain an unrealistic delivery schedule. In an attempt to meet deadlines, the trucker might speed or drive extended hours while diminishing their abilities to provide safety to everyone around them on the roadway. Many truck accidents in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations are caused by sleepy, tired or drowsy driving.

• Poorly Maintained EquipmentWhen the maintenance crews are inefficient in providing proper maintenance to a large commercial vehicle, components can easily wear out and become unreliable. Balding tires, inefficient braking pads and other faulty equipment cause many large truck accidents.

• Lack of Training – Many truckers lack sufficient training to handle driving a large commercial rig in hazardous or congested conditions. Without proper training, the trucker can easily lose control of the vehicle during inclement weather conditions, when turning, backing up, changing lanes or handling the truck in a variety of unfamiliar scenarios.

• Environmental Issues – Sometimes, the lack of road maintenance by government agencies and municipalities causes a hazardous roadway condition that is impossible for the large commercial truck to avoid. In these scenarios, the government agencies and roadway maintenance departments can also be held legally liable to victims injured or killed in an accident.

Hiring a Rhode Island truck accident Attorney

Because the results of an accident involving a large commercial vehicle are often tragic, many individuals suffer horrible injuries or death. Severe injuries often involve extensive medical bills, lost time away from work, pain, suffering and other damages. As a result, victims often hire a reputable personal injury attorney who specializes in semi-truck and large commercial vehicle accidents to handle their claim or lawsuit.

The  RI Truck accident law firm will often evaluate the claim to determine all parties at fault, to hold each one legally liable for financial compensation to the victim. In addition to holding the trucker responsible for the accident, other parties involved might include the trucking company, truck manufacturer, maintenance crews, road maintenance agencies and other motorists on the road.

Causes of tractor trailer accidents in Rhode Island

Accidents involving large  semi-trucks can happen anywhere from a parking lot to the freeway. Most are caused by human error, mechanical defects, roadways conditions, and weather. Handling a large truck accident claim or lawsuit for financial compensation can be complex and require the skills of an experienced Rhode Island personal injury attorney.

Many trucking accident in Rhode Island are fatal, necessitating the estate of the person who was killed in the deadly wreck to retain a RI wrongful death lawyer. A Rhode Island wrongful death attorney  or Rhode Island truck accident attorney can help the statutory beneficiary receive compensation as a result of the fatal / deadly truck collision.