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Speeding Related Auto & High Speed Motor Vehicle Collision

Rhode Island speeding car accidentsWhile any type of Rhode Island vehicle accident can be a traumatic experience for victims, speeding related accidents can be catastrophic, resulting in serious injuries and death. Many times, RI motorists will make the decision to drive over the speed limit to reach their destination quicker or to drive fast on a joy ride. However, speeding hurts other motorists and passengers, and is a contributing factor in nearly one out of every three fatal crashes every year. Speeding often results in rear end car accidents or T-bone auto collisions.

Only driving under the influence (DUI) / drunk driving and distracted driving by texting or speaking on cell phones cause more fatalities every year than speeding. In addition, operating any vehicle at a high rate of speed is reckless and increases the potential of causing extensive serious injury including:

• Head trauma and TBI (traumatic brain injury)
• Spinal cord injury
• Amputation
• Bone fractures
• Severe burn
• Whiplash
• Lacerations, bruises and scrapes
• Disfigurement
• Psychological injury
• Death

Speeding is commonplace in RI

Many times, Rhode Island and Providence Plantation’s motorists view the speed limit as nothing more than a basic guideline or a friendly reminder to drive safely. However, speed limits are posted on all roadways to save lives. Disregarding the speed limit or rushing to get to an appointment on time can reduce the driver’s ability to make sudden maneuvers or come to a complete stop safely. The speed limit is also posted to provide protection to pedestrians, bicyclists and others sharing the roadway.

Filing a Claim in Providence Superior Court

Victims injured in a Rhode Island speeding-related crash are often entitled to seek recovery by filing a claim or civil lawsuit. However, due to the complexity of state tort laws, injured victims often choose to hire a skilled Lincoln, Cumberland or North providence personal injury attorney who specializes in speeding related RI accidents.

Reputable Newport, Middletown or Jamestown accident injury lawyers will have years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of state law. The Rhode Island car accident attorneys will handle every aspect of a claim or suit to seek compensatory damages for the victim including:

• Past and current medical expenses associated with the speeding Pawtucket, Central falls or Woonsocket accident
• The cost of rehabilitation, physical therapy and expected medical necessities to regain health
• Lost wages due to missed work caused by the injury
Lost earning capacity when the injury continues to have a negative effect on the victim
• Property damages including repairs or replacement of the victim’s vehicle, and personal effects such as clothing damaged by the accident
• Diminished enjoyment of life because the victim can no longer actively engage in daily hobbies, activities, recreation or exercise
• Emotional distress that is often a psychological side effect of the injuries including fear, sleep loss and anxiety
• Wrongful death to compensate surviving family members or the estate of an individual killed by a speeding driver

Jury awards after a negligence trial

In some cases, where an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached, juries award damages to victims suffering serious injuries caused by a speeding negligent driver. In some rare cases a jury may award punitive damages if the conduct of the tortfeasor is reckless, nearly criminal or is in fact criminal. Punitive damages serve as punishment to a reckless party that caused the accident. Typically, these damages are reserved to castigate egregious behavior, such as willful intent to cause harm or death to another.

Accepting a Case on Contingency

Turning the case over to a reputable East Providence, Barrington or Warren personal injury law firm allows victims to focus on getting well from their catastrophic injuries. In many incidences, the Rhode Island and Providence Plantations personal injury law firm will accept a speeding accident case on contingency rather than charging the victim of flat fee or retainer. Instead of paying upfront fees, the victim pays their legal services to the Cranston, Warwick or East Greenwich law firm out of a jury award or negotiated out-of-court settlement.

If the victim dies as a result of their injuries from a speeding accident, surviving family members and beneficiaries are likely entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Providence Superior Court for their losses. However, all lawsuits and claims for wrongful death or personal injury must be filed before the expiration of the state’s Statute of Limitations.