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Underinsured Accident Lawyer in Rhode Island | Uninsured motorist

Under insured automobile driver in Rhode Island

Uninsured motorist accident in Rhode Island

A large part of every driver’s responsibility to provide a safe environment on the roadway is to ensure they maintain adequate liability insurance. Unfortunately, some motorists  in Rhode Island do not. Often times, we share the roads with thousands of individuals that have minimal insurance or no insurance at all.

Uninsured motorist Attorneys

When involved in an accident caused by another’s negligence, the victim might be stuck with the full cost of their injuries and damages. The injured party usually has extensive medical bills and lost wages from time away from work due to the accident. Without proper insurance, the limited coverage provided by an under-insured motorist in RI might not be sufficient to cover all of the expenses involved in a vehicle accident.

Under insured motorist in RI

When a driver responsible for the accident is underinsured, the insurance company providing coverage for the incident has liability only up to the limit of the policy. This means that any unpaid medical bills, lost wages and other expenses will need to be either paid out of pocket or obtained from a different source. When this occurs, the victim should consider hiring a Providence personal injury attorney who specializes in  Rhode Island under insured motorist claims.

A case involving an under insured driver often places an incredible strain on the accident victim and their families during the time when the injured party is attempting to heal. Usually, the only way to ensure a favorable outcome is to file a claim or lawsuit to obtain full compensation for the injuries, damages, pain and suffering the victim has endured.

Strategies to Receive Full Compensation in Rhode Island  for under insured accident claims.

The complexities of an underinsured motorist claim are challenging in Rhode Island. Because of that, victims that have sustained serious injuries often need to hire a RI tort law attorney to seek full compensation from other parties that might share liability. The Rhode Island law firm can file a claim against any third party that is directly associated with the cause of the  Providence, Johnston or North Kingstown accident.

As an example, the  Cumberland, Central Fall or Lincoln RI personal injury attorney might file a claim against a parent’s insurance company if the teen driver is involved in an accident. Another example might be filing a claim against a liquor establishment using the state’s dram shop laws in a DUI accident if the intoxicated driver was served or sold an excessive amount of alcohol prior to the incident.

Financial compensation

Other difficulties when seeking financial compensation from an under insured motorist  in Rhode Island include:

Bad faith by the insurance company when avoiding to pay out a claim
• Any breach of the insurance policy contract
• The need to mediate or arbitrate with numerous insurance companies to obtain an adequate amount of compensation
• Properly reviewing and interpreting each party’s insurance policy to determine the level of available insurance coverage and limitations

Dealing with the Insurance Company

Working with the insurance company in an accident involving an underinsured motorist is never easy. In many incidences, the claims adjuster will use every tactic to wear down the claimant, hoping they simply accept minimal or no financial compensation. Often times, the claim is denied outright, in an effort to redirect blame onto the victim. In some cases, the insurance company will claim that the injuries suffered by the victim are not serious and will offer little or no compensation.

Properly evaluate the factors

Using a skilled Rhode Island under insured motorist accident personal injury attorney can help when insurance companies use these tactics. The  East Providence or Rumford law firm can properly evaluate the factors and evidence involved in the Rhode Island crash / accident. Their evaluation can determine which parties are at fault for the accident to hold them legally accountable for their negligence.

Free no obligation initial consultation

Newport, Westerly and Central Falls Personal injury law firms accept cases on contingency to avoid the need of any upfront fees. Most RI  negligence and tort law firms offer a free no obligation initial consultation to discuss the case to provide the victim a variety of legal options.

“Unfortunately, many motorists drive their vehicles without auto insurance to cover an accident with injuries or fatalities caused by an uninsured or under-insured motorist. Filing a  Rhode Island and Providence Plantations cause of action against the uninsured individual who caused the  RI car accident usually provides little compensation to pay your medical bills, lost wages and damages or offer you compensation for your suffering and pain.”  Info

“Underinsured Motorist protection is also invaluable in Rhode Island. Under-insured Motorist coverage protects you if the person who was at fault for the accident does not have enough insurance to pay your medical bills and damages.” Source