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Litigating a Broadside / T-Bone Accident in Rhode Island | Slepkow Law

Rhode Island t-bone motor vehicle accident

Rhode island t-bone accident lawyer

A T-bone accident or broadside collision  in Rhode Island involves a side impact from a moving vehicle that often causes property damage, injuries and death. The seriousness of injuries and damage is highly dependent on the weight and size of the vehicles or cars involved and the speed of impact crushing inward. The high impact force often causes the struck vehicle to roll over or tip. Typically, most victims of broadside accidents do not walk away with minor bumps, scrapes and bruises.

Automobile safety features

Most vehicles are designed with additional reinforcement to survive a front or rear impact when a vehicle collides with another or encounters roadway objects. Many cars and trucks offer just minimal protection when hit from the side. Only recently have automobile manufacturers begun installing side airbags and dual barriers of steel along the side of the vehicle to minimize the potential crushing involved in a T-bone accident.

Side impact accident statistics

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) maintains data indicating that approximately 3000 passenger vehicles were involved in fatal side-impact crashes in 2011. Many more thousands T-bone accident victims suffered serious injuries in RI and across the United States in the same year.

The crumpled doors and broken windows from a broadside accident typically causes brain injury, major head trauma , bone fractures, limb dismemberment, traumatic brain injury  (tbi), disfigurement and other serious injury. In some situations, motorists and passengers can be partially ejected from the vehicle during a side-impact collision.

Seeking Financial  Compensation as a result of a Rhode Island Car or truck broadside accident

Proving negligence using a Providence T-bone crash injury lawyer

When it can be proved that the negligent actions of others caused the injuries and damage in a Rhode Island and Providence Plantations T-bone accident, victims have the legal right to seek financial recompense for their losses. In addition,  certain surviving family members of loved ones killed in a broadside accident can file a Rhode Island wrongful death claim. Personal injury attorneys skilled in vehicle accident cases will seek financial compensation to cover:

• Medical expenses associated with the accident
• Property damage
• Lost wages
• Loss of consortium, companionship and support
• Funeral and burial expenses
• Non-economic damages including pain, suffering, anguish, anxiety and grief

T-bone Crash Liability in Rhode Island

T- bone accidents are usually the result of the motorist’s careless or reckless behavior. In many incidences, the driver failed to follow the signs and signals along the roadway, was distracted / texting while driving or speeding. Injured victims will often seek financial compensation by filing a claim or lawsuit  in Providence Superior Court to hold those responsible for their injuries accountable for their negligence.

In most incidences, the victim will hire a skilled  Rhode Island personal injury attorney who specializes in side-impact collisions to handle their case.

A reputable  Providence T-bone  Car accident attorney must prove that the unreasonable action of the defendant caused the victim’s injuries. Under tort law, the attorney must establish three specific factors in the case including:

• The defendant was legally obligated to exercise reasonable duty (care) when operating their vehicle
• The defendant failed (breached) their duty to exercise reasonable or necessary care to ensure the safety of others while driving
• The defendant’s breach of duty is the direct cause of the damages and injuries suffered by the victim

Determining Causation

To be successful in obtaining financial compensation, the  Rhode Island car accident lawyer must determine and prove the actual cause of the accident. In some cases, the claim or lawsuit will involve third parties, or additional individuals or entities also at fault for the collision. It might be shown the collision was caused by a variety of factors including:

• Defective brakes or faulty tires causing the vehicle to lose control
• Driver fatigue
• Failure of the party at fault to follow the rules of the road
• Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• Speeding through intersections
• Distracted driving

A skilled RI auto accident law firm handling the case for the victim of a broadside accident will typically investigate the evidence to build a strong claim for financial compensation. This often involves speaking to witnesses, reconstructing the scene of the accident and taking steps to ensure the victim has the best medical care to heal properly.