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RI Winter Snow Storm & Icy Road Accident Lawyer | Slepkow Law

Snow Storm & Icy Road Car in Rhode Island

Snow storm accident in RI

Longtime Rhode Island residents are keenly aware of the dangers of driving an automobile on the slippery and unsafe roads, streets and highways of the Ocean State during a snowstorm.  Operating a motor vehicle during a treacherous cold, wintry mix of rain, snow and sleet can be a dangerous and unpredictable proposition.

Blizzard conditions and car accidents

In fact, any type of precipitation during cold weather can cause misery and carnage on the streets. In the case of a blizzard, it is best that all RI motorists stay off the roads to avoid accidents and injuries caused by slick roads. Pedestrians in Rhode Island must be particularly cautious, because of the propensity of motor vehicles and cars to skid off the road onto sidewalks and into crosswalks. Car accidents in Rhode Island can lead to person injury, property damage and even fatalities.

Also motorists must drive cautiously especially when pedestrians are in the immediate area to prevent pedestrian accidents and pedestrian deaths in RI.

4 wheel or all wheel drive may not prevent car crash in RI

Even if your motor vehicle, pickup truck or SUV has four wheel drive or all-wheel drive does not render you immune to a serious motor vehicle collision in the winter time. One of the major reasons for this is that the other automobiles on the roadway and highways may not be equipped with all-wheel drive or may not have proper tires for the winter conditions.

Black ice  and automobile collision in Pawtucket

Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish between wet roads and roads which have a a thin layer of black ice. Freezing rain can also lead to large patches of black ice causing a dangerous Hazard on the freeway and highways.

Types of injuries

Bridge icing during a snowstorms can be another hazardous conditions motorists must be aware of. Snowstorm auto accidents in Rhode Island can cause hundreds of different types of injuries including: whiplash, herniated disk, fractured leg, arm or bones, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury (tbi).

The most common types of motor vehicle crashes in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in snow storms are rear end collisions.

Speeding and reckless driving during a snowstorm in Cranston

Some of the most serious icy road accidents occur when a RI motorist is driving recklessly or speeding when taking into account the icy and slippery road conditions. These negligent motorists are often at fault for motor vehicle crashes in RI

Many standard rear end mishaps in wintry mixes of snow, sleet and rain in Rhode Island quickly become multi vehicle pile-ups. These multi-car wrecks in Rhode Island can be fatal or cause serious bodily injured to the victims.

Retaining an auto accident in Providence RI

If you were injured in a Providence, Pawtucket, Cranston, Warwick or RI auto accident then it is crucial that you immediately retain a RI car accident lawyer. A Barrington, Bristol or warren personal injury lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve for your motor vehicle crash.

Snow storm accidents in Rhode Island are certainly not limited to rear end collisions. There are also hundreds of T-bone accidents (broadside collisions) single vehicle wrecks as well as rollover accidents.

A top RI personal injury attorney will fight to get you compensation

A RI car accident lawyer will investigate the accident and fight to get you the compensation you deserve for the collision. It is important that the RI Injury law firm that you retain has experience handling these complex winter storm  auto accidents.

Icy road car accidents in Rhode IslandThe winter weather  in Rhode Island has been especially brutal in recent years causing some of the worst driving conditions ever experienced by motorists. The dangerous road conditions in RI during and after winter storms can create slippery  and icy streets, roads and highways  filled with black ice hidden under sludge and snow. Even when drivers travel slow and cautiously, they can become the victims of serious, life-threatening car or truck accidents when other motorists act recklessly or negligently.

Winter weather car accident

Snowstorm motor vehicle accidents in Providence  cause some of the most serious injuries when the collision involves:

• Driving in heavy snow (whiteout)
• Hydroplaning
• Accidents caused by freezing rain and sleet
• Black ice
• Slippery and icy roads

Motorists sharing the roads with commercial trucks in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations are often at the greatest risk of being involved in a serious accident while driving in wintry road conditions.

Common Causes of Snowstorm Accident

Numerous factors are often involved in winter driving accidents in Rhode Island where the roadways are filled with water, snow or ice. The leading causes of snowstorm accidents in RI include:

• Inadequate Braking Distance – Motorists are often unable to stop the vehicle in time because of the increased braking distance required when driving on icy or snowy pavement.

• Limited Visibility – Freezing rain, sleet, ice and snow can limit visibility for motorists attempting to drive safely on the roadway. Failing to clear the vehicle completely of accumulated snow and ice before driving often diminishes the capacity to see clearly and safely.

• Driving Distracted – Many snowstorm accidents in East Providence, Woonsocket and Bristol are the result of distracted driving when the motorist is adjusting the car radio, speaking on a cell phone, consuming beverages and food, handling pets, texting, or conversing with another inside the vehicle. Any distraction that diverts the motorist’s eyes, hands or attention off the roadway can cause an accident when the car is traveling on icy or snowy pavement.

• False Sense of Security – Many seasoned motorist in Cumberland, Lincoln and North Providence often have a false sense of security when driving in snowy conditions. In many incidences, snow-covered roadways will actually have a hidden layer of dangerous ice that is impossible to see. Motorist driving aggressively or quickly can create dangerous situations for others on the road.

Driving during a Whiteout – Many snowstorms create a whiteout where the snowfall was so heavy it is impossible to see any farther than the front of the vehicle. When the driver’s vision is obscured, the potential of an accident is greatly increased. Many chain reaction pile-ups are the result of blizzard or whiteout conditions that create a lack of visibility.

• Freezing Rain – Many storms produce freezing rain when the temperature is not cold enough to make snow or warm enough to keep the rain liquid. As the freezing rain lands on the roadways and windshields, it can dramatically reduce visibility and produce exceptionally slippery conditions. Freezing rain or sleet are really ice pellets that can quickly build up on the street and created driving surface that resembles packed snow. Unfortunately, the slick surface produces a very dangerous condition where motorists are unable to control their vehicle at any speed.

Negligent Driving in RI

Many drivers who cause accidents during snowstorms are guilty of negligence, carelessness or recklessness if they do not take a proactive approach during the winter months. The driver causing an accident may be negligent if they fail to change their regular tires to snow tires, drive at an inappropriate speed for the road conditions or tailgate.

Drivers who have suffered injury and damage in a weather-related vehicle accident that was not their fault might have a legitimate claim for financial compensation. Hiring a RI rear end car accident attorney can help. A skilled  Rhodee Island auto crash law firm with experience in snowstorm motor vehicle/ automobile accidents can provide a variety of legal options. The Rhode Island car accident attorney can file a claim or lawsuit to ensure the victim receives the compensation they deserve.


RI Car Accidents caused by Snow, Ice, Icy Roads, Sleet and Black IceThe winter of 2013-2014 has been memorable in Rhode Island and around New England. The conditions were tragic on Cape Cod, according to a December 31 article headline, “Black Ice, slick roads cause multiple accidents on the Mid-Cape.”

Small town endures 12+ crashes in 1 day

According to the report, the small town of Yarmouth saw more than a dozen car crashes caused by black ice just on New Year’s Eve morning. Luckily only one injury was reported. Authorities did not indicate whether any of the accidents were preventable.

If you or a loved one was injured in a Rhode Island Car accident, Please contact East Providence Personal injury Attorney, David Slepkow. The keys to safe driving in icy conditions are paying attention and driving defensively. If you or a loved one was injured in a Rhode Island Car accident, Please contact East providence Personal injury Attorney, David Slepkow.

Defensive driving is crucial in bad weather

But, in general, when it comes to driving in slippery weather conditions in RI, it is best to consider driving you motor vehicle more defensively than usual. Heightened awareness of surroundings help keep  Providence drivers safe when there is ice on the roads. Black ice is caused when light rain suddenly freezes. It is a thin coating of ice that can be very hard to see, especially at night or in fog.  Car Drivers should especially be on the lookout for black ice on bridges. Also, slowing down is an effective safety measure to take when conditions are ripe for the propagation of black ice, even if it is not immediately visible.

Best to stay at home when roads icy

Loss of control can happen in the blink of an eye. In Vernon County, Missouri last winter, authorities reported a man driving on I-49 hit a patch of black ice, lost control and went down an embankment. His 2003 Ford Pickup overturned, seriously injuring the driver and his four passengers. Source Ice is one of the top causes of car accidents. Tires can lose traction instantaneously. Therefore, to avoid accidents, injury or death, be aware and modify driving tactics as conditions warrant. Monitor weather conditions along planned routes. The safest anti-ice driving strategy of all may simply be to stay home until road crews have cleared and salted the roads. Source

Technology can reduce amount of RI car accidents

Also, there are many technological ways to mitigate icy road conditions. Get “snow” tires. These generally have deeper tread to grip the road better. For drivers who live in ice-prone climates, purchasing an automobile equipped with an “anti-lock brake system” (ABS) is recommended. The ABS is an update on manually pumping the brakes when a vehicle begins to “fishtail” or otherwise misbehave on a slippery surface. Depressing the pedal once will activate the mechanical pulsing of the brakes. This helps return control to the driver. After engaging the ABS, make no sudden moves when steering. Slow and gentle moves with the steering wheel will help keep control of the vehicle when tire traction is sketchy.

Other safety measures include making sure visibility is optimized. Check the windshield wipers to ensure their functionality. Keep the window washing mechanism filled with de-icing liquid. Clear the headlights of snow and ice. The keys to safe driving in icy conditions are paying attention and driving defensively.