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Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Speeding | Speed related accident

Rhode Island car accidents involving speeding

Rhode Island speeding accident

The nation and State of Rhode Island pays a high price for the loss of human life, severe injuries and property damage caused by motor vehicle accidents involving speeding. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) indicates that more than 10,000 lives were lost in 2012 from speed-related accidents. This number represents an increase in total deaths associated with speeding on the nation’s roadways in previous years.

State speeding law

State laws in RI require that every driver observe and obey the street’s posted speed limit. On streets without posted speed limit signs, the motorist is expected to operate their vehicle at a reasonable, safe speed, which is typically set by the town, city, municipality or state.

Driving at excessive speeds

Driving at excessive speeds in Rhode Island in congested areas can be especially dangerous. This is because motorists operating their vehicle in tight or congested areas in providence often do not have ample space to correct any mistakes without causing a collision with objects and other vehicles. Driving at accelerated speeds on straightaways or when changing lanes, can easily cause a speed related accident.

Rear end speeding accident in Rhode Island

Many speeding accidents are rear end collisions. Rear-end accidents in RI can be fatal or lead to serious personal injury. Speeding is even more dangerous if the driver is distracted and texting while driving.

Human and Economic Losses in Rhode island and Providence Plantations car accidents

Fatal car accidents in RI

Sadly, excessive speed is a contributing factor in nearly one out of every three fatal crashes. Almost eight out of every 10 speed-related fatalities in 2010 involved male drivers between 15 to 24 years old. In addition to the cost to human life, and casualties of extensive injuries, driving at excessive speeds account for approximately 21 percent of the nation’s total economic loss, costing us all over $200 billion every year.

Reckless driving causing wrongful death in Providence

In many of these incidents in Pawtucket, Woonsocket or East Greenwich, drivers involved in a speeding crash are charged with an offense by law enforcement handling the case at the scene. Typically, the charge involves driving at a speed too fast to handle roadway or weather conditions, racing, or driving at a speed that exceeds the posted limit.

A negligence and tort cause of action

In addition to a criminal offense, speeding is a reckless action that can hold the driver civilly accountable for their negligence that caused an accident with injuries or death. Driving at excessive speed shows disregard of public safety and an uncaring that their negligence can easily cause an accident.

Filing a Claim or Lawsuit in Providence Superior Court

Victims suffering injuries and damages caused by the negligent actions of the speeding driver often file a civil claim or lawsuit against the motorist in Rhode Island Courts. The claim seeks financial compensation to cover a variety of their losses that include:

• Medical bills and hospitalization providing medical assistance for their injuries
• Missed earnings from work during their healing process
• Lost ability to earn wages in the future due to permanent or temporary disability
• Property damages including vehicle repairs or replacement
• Burial costs in the event that the accident caused the victim’s death
• Non-economic losses including loss of consortium and companionship, pain, suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress or depression directly associated with the accident
• Punitive damages over and above economic and non-economic losses

Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Rhode Island

A skilled Providence Auto accident attorney will develop a strong claim for financial recompense in an effort to hold speeding drivers accountable for their negligent actions. The East providence personal injury lawyer will build their claim around the victim’s personal injury or wrongful death, along with any associated substantial damage to property and motor vehicles.

The Bristol, Warren or Barrington law firm will seek substantial compensation to ensure that the victim has adequate funds to recover fully, when possible. This is important especially when serious injuries including head trauma, broken legs and arms, disfigurement, dismembered extremities, damage to internal organs, and severe lacerations are involved. Healing from these of injuries often involve extensive medical treatments and procedures over an extended time.

It is imperative to seek out the skills of a RI personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The Newport, Tiverton or Middletown Automobile crash lawyer’s actions will ensure that all paperwork and documents are filed before the state’s statute of limitations expires.