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Obtaining Compensation in Rhode Island U-Turn Accident Cases

Rhode Island U-Turn Car AccidentsAny time a motorist maneuvers their vehicle in a 180-degree turn to reverse their direction, the move is called a U-turn. This is because the tactic resembles an upside down letter “U.” In many incidences, a U-turn is a legal maneuver at some intersections that are wide enough to accommodate a simple reversal in direction. Some U-turn ramps installed on divided highway in Rhode Island restrict usage for any emergency vehicle and law enforcement officer needing to turn around during an urgent crisis.

Dangerous u-turn causing RI accident

At many intersections in Rhode Island, U-turns are an illegal maneuver for good reason. Many times, making an unexpected U-turn at 180 degrees can create a dangerous situation for pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles. Because of that, U-turns are typically not allowed at busy intersections and along high traffic roads and highways.

RI u-turn law

Here is a copy of one of the RI laws regulating U-turns:

§ 31-16-4  Places where U-turns prohibited. – No vehicle shall be turned so as to proceed in the opposite direction upon any curve or upon the approach to, or near the crest of a grade, where the vehicle cannot be seen by the driver of any other vehicle approaching from either direction within five hundred feet (500′). Violations of this section are subject to fines enumerated in § 31-41.1-4. ”

Liability for reckless u-turn

Even a legally acceptable U-turn can be performed illegally under certain circumstances. If the driver starts the maneuver in the wrong lane and causes an accident, they can be held legally liable. Additionally, if the 180-degree turn causes an injury or property damage, the driver can be held financially responsible for losses.

Nearly every type of U-turn resulting in an accident  usually was negligently caused by the car motorist who engaged in the U-turn. If the U-turn is not perform safely, the driver blocks the lane, did not allow right-of-way to other vehicles or pedestrians, or caused a “t-bone” accident, the victim with injuries or damage can file a claim or lawsuit to seek financial compensation.

U-turn Accidents with Fatalities in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

Even though most U-turns are performed at a low speed, the maneuver can easily cause a fatality if the vehicle hits a pedestrian or bicyclist, or gets in the way of oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, U-turns are often the cause of many t-bone collisions and head on accidents, which are extremely dangerous and often result in fatalities at the scene.

If your spouse,  loved one, sibling (brother or sister), mother or father was killed as a result of a  fatal Rhode Island U-turn car or truck accident then the family needs to look into hiring a Rhode Island wrongful death personal injury attorney to represent the administrator or executor of the estate in  a RI Wrongful death cause of action in Providence Superior Court.

Determining Fault in A Providence illegal U- turn accident cause of action

A U-turn accident with injuries or fatalities usually results in a filed lawsuit or claim for compensation. However, determining who caused the accident can be complicated. In many incidences, there is usually a variety of factors to determine if the driver or victim was responsible for injuries and damages. Because of that, it is often beneficial to hire an experienced  Rhode Island personal injury attorney who specializes in U-turn accident claims to evaluate the evidence, speak to eyewitnesses and build the case for compensation.

A skilled  RI personal injury lawyer can evaluate any extenuating circumstance that might have an impact on a legal or illegal U-turn. It might be that the driver is at fault if they were texting, speaking on the phone, talking to passengers or simply not yielding to pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles. It might also be that the U-turn was performed during a red or yellow light, or in an intersection clearly restricting the maneuver.

Seeking compensation

U-turn accidents can result in various degrees of injury or, in some cases, fatalities. The severity of outcomes depends on several factors, including the speed of the vehicles involved, the awareness and reaction time of the drivers, road conditions, and the presence of safety measures.

In a U-turn accident, a driver makes a 180-degree turn to go in the opposite direction. These accidents can occur for various reasons, such as misjudgment of oncoming traffic, failure to yield the right of way, or inadequate visibility.

Common consequences of U-turn accidents include:

  1. Injuries: Depending on the speed of the vehicles and the use of safety measures like seat belts, airbags, and helmets, occupants may sustain injuries ranging from minor to severe.
  2. Fatalities: In high-speed collisions, U-turn accidents can lead to fatalities, especially if the impact is on a vulnerable part of the vehicle, such as the driver’s side.
  3. Property Damage: U-turn accidents can result in significant damage to vehicles involved and nearby property.
  4. Psychological Impact: Survivors of U-turn accidents may experience emotional and psychological trauma, leading to conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

To prevent U-turn accidents, it’s crucial for drivers to exercise caution, follow traffic rules, and ensure there is a safe opportunity to make a U-turn. Proper signaling, checking for oncoming traffic, and understanding the local traffic regulations are essential for safe U-turn maneuvers.

In terms of prevention, road safety awareness campaigns, driver education programs, and infrastructure improvements can contribute to reducing the occurrence of U-turn accidents and their associated injuries and fatalities. Additionally, the enforcement of traffic laws plays a significant role in promoting safe driving practices.

If you, or a loved one, have suffered serious injuries in a legal or illegal U-turn accident, seeking compensation can help you recover.  Compensation from the parties at fault can help pay off your medical expenses and recoup your lost wages for time away from work. In addition, you should receive funds for your intangible damages including pain, suffering, mental anxiety and emotional distress caused by the negligent actions of another.

Personal injury lawyers in Providence

Providence Personal injury attorneys usually represent victims of U-turn accidents on contingency. This means you can avoid paying upfront legal fees. The services of the  personal injury attorney in RI  will be paid from your out-of-court settlement or after winning an award in a lawsuit trial. Avoiding an upfront payment eliminates any financial distress when seeking quality legal representation to handle your claim. If the East providence car accident lawyer is unable to recover compensation for your case, you will owe the law firm nothing.