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Rhode Island Prom DUI Car Accident Personal Injury Attorney

Rhode Island Prom DUI Car Accident

Prom car crash in Rhode Island

Prom night in Rhode Island is one of the student’s most unforgettable events during high school years. The amount of effort, money and planning can take months to complete. To properly enjoy the evening, many students will ensure they are dressed right, coordinate plans with others and figure out what they will do once the party is over. Unfortunately, prom night often brings with it serious problems where prom drinking can lead to driving accidents.

Rhode Island deadly prom accidents

In most school districts in Rhode Island, the senior prom is held just within weeks of graduation, where the high school student starts feeling an overwhelming sense of freedom. Within weeks, summer break will occur, followed by a move to college in the early days of fall. The new mindset for many  RI high School students can confuse “maturity” with “freedom” and the ability to do pretty much anything they want including drinking, even knowing they are under age.

There are alarming facts concerning prom night that every teen and parent in Rhode island and Providence Plantations should recognize before the child ever leaves the house for the event. Statistics maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that a high percentage of teenagers will likely drink at the event, with many of them getting behind the wheel during or after the party is over.

Minimizing the Potential of Harm- prom accident

Sadly, one out of every six teenagers polled indicate that their parents at some point have hosted a teenage gathering at home while serving alcohol. More than 50 percent of high school students claim that they have consumed a minimum of five drinks during prom and at after-prom events. There are various steps parents can take to ensure the safety of their children on prom night. Some of these steps include:

Discuss Transportation Plans – Become involved in your child’s transportation plans of exactly how they will be arriving and departing from the prom including any after-party event.
Set the Rules – Parent should never give permission for their child to attend any party knowingly serving alcohol and should consider working as a chaperone at the event.
Start a Safety Discussion – It is imperative that parents discuss the potential dangers and hazards of drinking and driving at any time, including on prom night.
Obtain Details – It is essential to obtain every detail about prom night from your child and child’s school.
Encourage a Phone Call – Often times, teenagers are placed in situations where they know their driver is intoxicated or consumed too much alcohol to drive. Encourage your child to call you if they need a safe ride home. Avoid asking questions, blaming or shaming and be grateful you removed them from a dangerous situation.
Develop a Prom Night Contract – Work together with your teenager to develop a contract for prom night that states specifically your child will not drink and drive any vehicle, or right along with individuals who have been drinking.

It is important to recognize that peer pressure often tempts  Rhode Island teenagers to drink under all different kinds of situations including on prom night. It is essential for  Rhode Island teenagers to understand that drinking and driving is never acceptable at any time because of the catastrophic accidents and fatalities that could occur.

Taking Legal Steps to hire a  Top Rhode Island auto accident personal injury lawyer

If you or your child suffers serious injuries by a drunk driver in Rhode Island (RI) , it is essential to seek legal representation to hold those responsible accountable for their negligence. A skilled  Rhode Island drunk driving victims personal injury attorney working on your behalf can file a suit or claim to obtain financial compensation for your injuries. Surviving family members of a loved one killed by a drunk driver  in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations have the legal right to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

A skilled RI accident attorney or Providence car accident lawyer can determine if you have a case, its value, and the amount of time and effort it will take to obtain compensation. Most of these cases are accepted on contingency. This means there are no upfront fees and all of your legal services are paid only from an out-of-court settlement or award issued by the court at the conclusion of a successful trial against the drunk driver.