Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer | Slepkow Law

There are hundreds of different types of injuries that could result from a car accident in Rhode Island such as a spinal cord injury. These Motor Vehicle crash Injuries range from the standard whiplash injury to fractured vertebrae and could even include paralysis. If you are injured in an auto crash in RI, then you should immediately consult […]

Drunk Driving Motor Vehicle Accidents in Rhode Island

Drunk driving motor vehicle accidents in Rhode Island  involve symptoms of a significantly larger issue than just having too much to drink. These types of  RI accidents involve abuse and misuse of alcohol to the point of having total disregard for the life, well-being and safety of others. Every alcohol-related motor vehicle accident are preventable. […]

Underinsured Accident Lawyer in Rhode Island | Uninsured motorist

A large part of every driver’s responsibility to provide a safe environment on the roadway is to ensure they maintain adequate liability insurance. Unfortunately, some motorists  in Rhode Island do not. Often times, we share the roads with thousands of individuals that have minimal insurance or no insurance at all. Uninsured motorist Attorneys When involved […]

RI Favorable Legal Environment For Injured Victims & Attorneys!

Over the past several months, I have written several in depth articles concerning the various provisions of personal injury law in Rhode Island. As I penned these comprehensive posts regarding liability, negligence and accident laws in RI, I realized that Rhode Island appears to be a very favorable environment for Plaintiff’s and their RI Personal […]

Rhode Island Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful death cases in Rhode Island are litigated by experienced RI wrongful death attorneys / lawyers in lawsuits and claims filed by the decedent’s surviving family members through the executor and administrator of the estate. These types of cases usually involve fatalities caused by another’s negligence, carelessness or reckless behavior or through some type of […]

Obtaining Compensation in Rhode Island U-Turn Accident Cases

Any time a motorist maneuvers their vehicle in a 180-degree turn to reverse their direction, the move is called a U-turn. This is because the tactic resembles an upside down letter “U.” In many incidences, a U-turn is a legal maneuver at some intersections that are wide enough to accommodate a simple reversal in direction. […]

Rhode Island Wrongful Death Lawyer | RI Fatal Accident Attorneys

Fatal car accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Drug use, alcohol, lack of seat belt, and road rage have all taken their fair share of lives. On a good note, fatalities are happening less and less every few years. Getting into a collision while driving a truck has a much higher survivability chance than […]

Cumberland, Lincoln & Smithfield Lawyers in Rhode Island

In a very unusual case, both a motorist and a passenger were charged with drunk driving as a result of a serious car accident in Cumberland, Rhode Island.  The two men arrested as a result of the single vehicle crash were residents of North Attleboro, Massachusetts. The collision seriously injured a minor passenger who was […]

Stern Rebuke of RI Jury Verdict, Judge Adds 420+k damages

Eight years after a serious rear-end Rhode Island automobile accident, there was finally a negligence trial on the merits in Providence Superior Court. After a seven day personal injury jury trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the auto accident victim and her RI Personal Injury Attorney. This verdict was in the amount of “$193,584 and finding that defendant was […]

Pedestrian Accident in Rhode Island: Filing a Claim for Compensation

In a hectic society, carefully sharing the road is crucial to ensure everyone remains safe including bicyclists and pedestrians. Behaving safely and legally is the responsibility of all to protect innocent pedestrians attempting to cross the road. Although cities such as Providence and Woonsocket go to great lengths marketing street lanes, crosswalks and bike paths, […]