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Top Compensation for Property Damage

Rhode Island Top Compensation for Property Damage to Car

Property damage in RI

If you been involved in a car accident, you likely have specific questions, including knowing what party will be paying for your injuries and property damage. Getting top compensation for property damage to your car as a result of the Rhode Island automobile wreck can be complex. In fact, receiving the highest level of compensation usually requires the skills of an experienced Rhode Island personal injury attorney or RI car accident lawyer who specializes in motor vehicle accidents.

Vehicles damaged in an accident

When vehicles are damaged in an accident/ crash/ collision, the owner of the car must file a property damage claim with insurers. This might mean filing a claim with their own insurance company or the insurance carrier of those found at fault for the Providence car crash. Many vehicle insurance policy covers liability, medical expenses and property damage caused by the accident.

Typically, an insurance policy on a vehicle will include two specific types of coverage of property damage – collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance provides coverage to the policyholder when the vehicle collides with another vehicle or fixed objects including poles, buildings and fencing. The policy usually provides coverage of any property damage even if you are found at fault for the accident.

Comprehensive insurance provides coverage

Comprehensive insurance provides coverage in the event that the property damage was caused by an action other than a collision. The policy provides insurance against property damage through theft, fire, hail, flooding, vandalism or some other cause not occurring by a crash. However, it can include an unknown motorist colliding with your vehicle when parked and unattended. Esurance states “Comprehensive car insurance does provide extremely valuable protections — but towing, rental, and personal property coverages aren’t among them. Instead, comprehensive coverage protects your car against damage not resulting from a collision, as well as from theft.” Esurance

Filing a Claim

Receiving a fair settlement for vehicle property damage in Rhode Island (RI) can be challenging. In many incidences, drivers are confused of exactly how much they are owed as compensation or the true value of their claim or lawsuit. Without proper legal representation, their rights to full and fair compensation are often not protected. In fact, many times insurers and claims adjusters will take advantage of the confusion by limiting payments, downplaying the extent of damage, convincing the claimant to accept a minimal settlement or out rightly denying the claim altogether.

Recovering Property Damage Losses as a result of a RI car accident in RI

Even if you did not suffer any injury in the Providence automobile accident, you still have the opportunity to file for a financial settlement to cover your vehicle’s property damage. The amount you receive usually totals the exact figure of the cost to repair or replace your damaged vehicle. This amount is often negotiated by the body shop of your choice. If you allow the claims adjuster to offer an amount to restore your vehicle without actually getting the motor vehicle repaired, you likely will receive far less than the actual costs. Furthermore, if you were at fault for the crash you may have to pay a deductible before you can be compensated for the property damage.

Hiring a RI car accident Attorney

In all likelihood, the only way to ensure that you are getting top compensation for the property damage to your car is to hire a skilled personal injury attorney in Rhode Island. This is because receiving adequate recompense will often require negotiating with the claims adjuster that works for the insurance company.

Claims adjusters are in the business of saving their employer money. However, having a Rhode Island auto accident attorney on your side can ensure that the insurance company is acting in good faith and offering the true value of the damage to your property through a reasonable settlement offer. A reputable East Providence, Woonsocket or Warwick personal injury lawyer who specializes in property damage will usually accept cases on contingency, meaning that you will pay no upfront fees for their services. In fact, they are only paid when they negotiate a fair settlement or file a lawsuit and win a jury award at trial.