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East Greenwich Personal Injury Lawyers | Slepkow Law

Automobile accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury cases. In East Greenwich, traffic and winter weather can lead to dangerous road conditions and car crashes. If you have been involved in an East Greenwich car accident and believe the other driver is at fault, you may benefit from speaking with a […]

Negligent Driving in Rhode Island

If you have ever lost a friend or family member to a car crash, you know how devastating it can be. Perhaps you have been in an accident yourself. Maybe, that time, you were lucky and were not injured. Every day in America, lives are lost and people are injured due to another driver not […]

Do roundabouts / Rotary cause more accidents in RI and MA?

Roundabouts are typically called rotaries in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  The history of rotaries in Massachusetts is a long and controversial one. Rotaries “proliferated in Massachusetts since the first was built in Yarmouth on Cape Cod in 1939, but construction of new rotaries was banned in the 1960s.”  “Roundabouts have become synonymous with odd […]

Man allegedly Steals Truck, Crashes Into Cars & Causes Fatal Bus Accident

A New York City man allegedly, illegally commandeered a box truck after a night of wild partying and crashed into a bus. Sadly, the trucking crash killed the bus operator. The man reportedly had been drinking at a swank “fashion week” party in NYC. Sources have claimed that the man may be charged with murder. […]

‘Ice Missiles’ Fly Off Vehicles, Failure to Clear Snow Causing Accidents

Ice Missiles can shatter glass and even cause the driver to panic and lose control of their car. Ice Missiles could result in serious injury or even the death of one or more motorists Winter Storm Jonas released its fury on the East Coast and in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. With that major snowstorm […]

Breakdown Lane Accident Lawyer | Emergency Lane Crash

Pulling off to the side of the road  in Rhode Island when having car trouble can be a dangerous situation when the roadway  or highway is filled with passing cars and trucks. Most courteous RI  drivers allow the disabled motorist to find a safe place along the road. However, when other  Providence drivers are impaired […]

RI Favorable Legal Environment For Injured Victims & Attorneys!

Over the past several months, I have written several in depth articles concerning the various provisions of personal injury law in Rhode Island. As I penned these comprehensive posts regarding liability, negligence and accident laws in RI, I realized that Rhode Island appears to be a very favorable environment for Plaintiff’s and their RI Personal […]

Obtaining Compensation in Rhode Island U-Turn Accident Cases

Any time a motorist maneuvers their vehicle in a 180-degree turn to reverse their direction, the move is called a U-turn. This is because the tactic resembles an upside down letter “U.” In many incidences, a U-turn is a legal maneuver at some intersections that are wide enough to accommodate a simple reversal in direction. […]

Rhode Island Wrongful Death Lawyer | RI Fatal Accident Attorneys

Fatal car accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Drug use, alcohol, lack of seat belt, and road rage have all taken their fair share of lives. On a good note, fatalities are happening less and less every few years. Getting into a collision while driving a truck has a much higher survivability chance than […]

Construction Work Zone Accidents | Improper signage and warnings

Road construction contractors and maintenance companies along with state and city agencies are legally responsible to ensure the construction work sites are safely designed. The law requires the government agencies and roadway cruise follow specific rules to channel or redirect vehicular traffic through the zone. Sadly, a construction zone accident is a common occurrence in […]